Tab Panorama

Organize tabs with ease using a visual grouping system.


Problem Statement  

Chrome users need better tab management because they don’t have a way to group their tabs via a visual representation of the tabs themselves.

Problem Background  

Tab management refers to the process of organizing and managing open tabs in a web browser. The concept of tabbed browsing was first introduced to browsers in 2001 and has since become a staple feature in most web browsers. With the increasing use of the internet and the abundance of information available online, users often have multiple tabs open at once, leading to cluttered and disorganized browsing experiences. This can result in decreased productivity and increased frustration, as users struggle to find the tabs they need and switch between them efficiently. Additionally, having too many tabs open can consume a significant amount of computer resources, leading to slow performance and decreased battery life. As a result, there is a need for effective tab management solutions that can help users organize and manage their tabs efficiently and improve their browsing experience.

Research Insights

To be certain of this problem I was able to conduct 10 user interviews to identity certain paion points people are having when it comes managing their tabs.

User Pain Points

  • 70% said it does effect their productivity
  • This productivity is effected by clicking on wrong tab, which all 10 users say happens to them on a daily basis
  • Along with 90% of users saying having all these tabs open slow down their computer

Supporting Data

External research that I’ve seen from third parties also represent similar pain points/problem spaces.  Along with also bringing up even deeper insights into tab management problems that I wasn’t aware of in my initial research.

Reduced productivity. Researchers found that task switching — or jumping between multiple tabs — can lead to a 40% drop in productivity. Further study found that it takes 23 minutes to get back on track after being interrupted, which means all that tab switching can add up.

Slow computer performance. A microsoft study shows having too many tabs open takes up valuable system resources, which means your computer has to work harder. This can lead to slower performance and decreased battery life.

Difficulty focusing. The Microsoft study found that we switch tabs online at least 57.4% of the time. This results in the switch cost effect, which occurs when we change our focus from one task to another. As you open multiple tabs, switching costs increase and it becomes harder to focus on any one task.


Based on internal and external findings, the research is clearer than ever that action needs to be taken for more effective tab management 

Landing on the Solution

The goal of the product is reduce tab clutter, help increase productivity, stop the decreased speed of a computer, and overall better tab management.

Explanation of Solution

Tab Panorama will help chrome users, inundated with competing windows and browsers, with better tab management. Tab Panorama allows users to group tabs together and organize them in a panorama visual way. This makes it easy for users to view all open tabs as thumbnails and easily switch between them, making it more efficient to navigate and work with multiple tabs at the same time

Future Steps 

I will move forward on this particular venture and I'm fully committed to advancing my PM career. To accomplish this, I aim to collaborate with cross-functional teams comprising of designers and developers in order to find a solution for this problem space and thereby enhance my PM portfolio.


Product Manager Learnings:

Eric Rascon

The product management bootcamp was a real eye opener about the world of PM. One of the most impactful lessons I learned was to focus on understanding the problem rather than solely searching for a solution. This mindset shift has enabled me to approach challenges from a more informed and empathetic perspective. Additionally, the emphasis on market research and user interviews was eye-opening and emphasized the importance of considering the customer's needs and pain points. I got to work and learn with like-minded individuals and even got insights from experienced product managers. All in all, it was a good experience and I feel I now have product management network in my world.

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