Quick, nutritious meal plans in under 25 mins using just one kitchen appliance.


Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

How can we provide convenient meals for busy individuals with preparation time less than 25 minutes, while also maintaining nutrition and flavour?

Problem Background  

Today's dynamic lifestyle has adults, particularly those engaged in work or studies, struggling to strike a balance between a healthy diet and their time constraints. Quick, nutritious, and budget-friendly meal solutions are in high demand. Recent market research reveals a stark reality: 28% of Americans can't cook, and over half find even basic recipes challenging. A 2020 survey of 2,000 Americans indicated a desire to limit meal prep to under 25 minutes, though many end up spending an hour per meal. Consequently, patience in the kitchen is dwindling, with 39% reporting an all-time low. Further compounded by a study from OnePoll and Home Chef, which found that 45% of Americans are too busy to cook, it's evident that kitchen fatigue is on the rise.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Our research indicates that 81.1% of individuals cook over five home-cooked meals weekly, showcasing a preference for homemade food while having busy lives. Yet, the quest for a healthy lifestyle is often prevented by the intricate nature of meal planning and prep. In today's fast-paced world, there's an obvious search for solutions that harmonize with health-centric and swift lifestyles. The prevalent resort to fast food or takeout arises from necessity due to time constraints rather than preference, leading to a compromise between health and convenience.

Supporting Data

  • 81.1% cook more than 5 meals weekly.
  • Average monthly food budget: $470.
  • 68.7% willing to pay extra for convenience.
  • 53.7% use technology for meal planning.


Our findings reveal a significant demand for streamlined and efficient meal preparation that does not sacrifice taste or nutrition, as evidenced by 68.7% of our respondents' readiness to invest in convenience. This information, gathered through surveys, interviews, and market studies, reflects a clear gap in the current food tech industry offerings. Addressing this problem now is critical. With rising health awareness and the ongoing global health challenges, there is an urgency to provide solutions that support well-being and adapt to the demands of our target users' lifestyles. By focusing on this issue, we're not just creating a product; we're contributing to a healthier society and catering to a rapidly emerging market need.

Landing on the Solution 

Based on our target users’ pain points, we knew we wanted to Simplify the meal planning and preparation process, reducing the time and effort required for busy adults to cook healthy meals at home. Increasing access to convenient, nutritious, and budget-friendly meal solutions, thereby encouraging a healthier lifestyle among our target demographic. 

Driving positive behavior change by making it easier for individuals to maintain a balanced diet regarding their hectic schedules, ultimately leading to improved well-being and productivity. Leveraging technology to streamline the grocery shopping experience, ensuring users have all necessary ingredients on hand for quick meal preparation, thus minimizing waste and optimizing budget utilization.

Explanation of Solution 

We propose a meal planning app specifically designed for those with limited time, prioritizing convenience and rapid meal preparation. This app stands out by allowing users to select their preferred cooking equipment, offering recipes that require only one appliance—be it a one-pot, microwave, roasting oven, rice cooker, or fryer. 

For users unsure of what ingredients they have, the app suggests a curated list of ingredients that are easy to buy, simple to prepare, and cook, thereby ensuring a streamlined shopping and cooking process. When users input their available ingredients, the app tailors meal options to these inputs, ensuring no food goes to waste. Each suggested recipe is crafted to ensure a balanced meal, with the right mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vegetables, aiming for nutritional completeness. 

The essence of this app is to minimize both preparation time and mental planning, making cooking a less daunting task for those juggling busy schedules, thus embodying the ultimate combination of speed, convenience, and nutritional integrity.

User Flows/Mockups (First MVP version, open to changes)

Appliance Selection

Users are prompted to choose from a curated list of kitchen appliances they have available or prefer to use for cooking, ensuring tailored recipe suggestions.

Meal Preferences Setup

The app invites users to specify their meal preferences, including any dietary restrictions, desired convenience levels, cuisine styles, protein focus, calorie considerations, etc.

Ingredient Inventory Input

Users have the option to manually enter ingredients they currently possess or conveniently capture a photo of their pantry items for the app to recognize and catalog.

Ingredient Recommendations

For users without a ready stock of ingredients, the app will propose a shopping list customized to their meal preferences, simplifying the grocery shopping experience.

Recipe Generation

The app generates an assortment of suitable recipes that can be prepared within 25 minutes, complete with comprehensive instructions and illustrative imagery to guide the cooking process.

Future Steps

Moving forward, I aim to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of SwiftSpoon, with the intention of gathering valuable user feedback to validate whether the app effectively alleviates the pain points of our target audience. Recognizing that initial launches often evolve significantly over time, I am committed to a process of continuous iteration and enhancement. This will involve close collaboration with our development and design teams to ensure that the app not only meets but exceeds the expectations and needs of our customers. Through this agile approach, we will refine SwiftSpoon's features and functionality to deliver a product that truly transforms the meal preparation experience.

Possible additional problems to address:

  1. Recipe Variety and Sourcing: How can SwiftSpoon source a wide variety of one-instrument recipes to cater to diverse tastes and dietary needs? What strategies can be employed to continuously expand the recipe database while ensuring quality and simplicity?
  2. Copyrights and Recipe Sharing: How will SwiftSpoon navigate copyright issues associated with recipe sharing and utilization? What measures will be in place to respect intellectual property rights while offering a broad range of meal options?
  3. Ingredient Availability: How do we ensure the recommended ingredients are readily available to all users, considering regional variations in grocery availability?
  4. User Dietary Preferences: While focusing on quick and convenient meals, how can the app adapt to the broad spectrum of dietary needs and preferences, including allergies, without complicating the user experience?
  5. Cooking Skill Variability: How does the app cater to users with varying cooking skills, ensuring that recipes are approachable for beginners while still appealing to more experienced cooks?
  6. Integration with Local Grocery Stores: What is the feasibility and scalability of integrating real-time grocery inventory into the app? How can we manage the dynamic nature of stock levels and prices?
  7. Meal Diversity Over Time: How will the app ensure diversity in meal suggestions over time to prevent menu fatigue, especially for users relying heavily on the app for daily meal planning?
  8. Technology Adaptation: What challenges might users face in adopting a new digital solution for meal planning, and how can SwiftSpoon ease this transition?
  9. Feedback and Iteration: How will user feedback be collected and implemented into the app's iterative development process to ensure it meets evolving user needs?



Product Manager Learnings:

Claire Wang

My time in the Co.Lab Product Manager SPRINT has been an intensive learning journey. It's become clear that the role of a product manager is rife with pressure and necessitates a great deal of hard work. These are not skills that one can learn in theory alone; they are honed through the fires of real-world experience and practical application.

What's particularly captivating about being a product manager is the intersection of creativity and strategy. This experience has solidified my ambition to pursue this career path. It has taught me the crucial importance of understanding the customer's needs, as they are the end-users who will ultimately interact with the product. I've learned that a solution adored by a handful can be more impactful than one merely liked by many.

One of the crucial rules I've picked up is to focus less on selling a solution and more on its iterative improvement. The initial version of a product is often far away from its ultimate form. It's about evolution and refinement.

Lastly, stepping into the shoes of a product manager is the closest experience to building your own startup. It's about taking ownership, nurturing an idea, and watching it grow into a viable product. The SPRINT program has been more than just an educational stint; it has been a foundational step towards my entrepreneurial aspirations.

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