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your personalized style companion available in a mobile application. Navigate the world of fashion effortlessly with our innovative application that seamlessly blends your unique preferences, weather considerations, and daily activities. Plan your outfits in advance, drawing inspiration from an extensive wardrobe curated just for you. StyleHarmony suggests creative combinations, ensuring you express your individuality with every ensemble.


Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

How might we [streamline the process of outfit selection] for [fashion-conscious women] to [help them efficiently start their day on time, feeling both stylish and comfortable.]  

Problem Background  

In today's fashion-conscious world, our choice of attire has a profound impact on our inner self-perception and daily performance. Fashion serves as a medium for creative self-expression, reflecting our authenticity while bolstering our confidence and overall presence. Our daily outfit choices can either burden us with stress and insecurity or empower us to feel extraordinary throughout the day. Consciously dressing to embody the person we aspire to be can lead to profound feelings of contentment and satisfaction.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Understanding customer pain points is crucial for developing effective solutions and enhancing user experiences. In the context of outfit selection, participants in the research revealed various pain points that individuals commonly face. These include the stress of not finding specific clothing items, the challenge of navigating unpredictable weather choices, and concerns about dress codes for particular events. Additionally, the diverse and evolving nature of personal style preferences as highlighted by participants, underscores the complexity of meeting varied fashion tastes within a limited sample size. Furthermore, the unexpected emphasis on comfort as a pivotal factor influencing confidence, points to the need for solutions that prioritize both style and comfort in the design of clothing options. 

Supporting Data

According to research data on StyleHarmony, a significant 78% of participants expressed dissatisfaction with their current approach to outfit selection. This substantial percentage of dissatisfaction emphasizes the opportunity for StyleHarmony to address these pain points by offering a comprehensive and tailored approach to outfit selection, ensuring users feel confident, comfortable, and empowered in their fashion choices.


Initial user research conducted to validate the challenges associated with outfit selection, specifically focusing on StyleHarmony, involved gathering feedback from fashion-conscious young women in Canada and the USA. The findings indicate that 82% of the participants expressed alignment with the identified pain points, citing issues such as the stress of not finding specific clothing items, navigating weather-related challenges, and concerns about dress codes for various occasions. This validation from a diverse group of users reinforces the significance of addressing these common hurdles and emphasizes the relevance of StyleHarmony in offering effective solutions tailored to the needs and preferences of its user base.

Future Steps

What I learned from speaking to customers about StyleHarmony – a comprehensive approach to outfit selection is crucial, considering the diverse personal styles and challenges individuals face. To further enhance the user experience, possible additional problems to address include the need for a more intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates planning tools and style inspirations. Additionally, exploring features that cater to unpredictable weather choices, such as personalized weather-based outfit suggestions, could significantly contribute to the effectiveness of StyleHarmony.

Furthermore, incorporating collaborative elements, where users can seek feedback or assistance in choosing outfits, may address the challenge of feeling overwhelmed during the selection process. These future steps aim to refine and expand StyleHarmony's capabilities, ensuring it evolves into a more user-centric and indispensable tool for individuals navigating their daily outfit choices."


Product Manager Learnings:

Simi Olomofe

Embarking on the Co.Lab journey has been a profound exploration of the fundamentals of product management, unveiling a wealth of insights that extend beyond the professional realm. Understanding the core principles, from conducting thorough user research to meticulously building a product spec, has fundamentally transformed my approach to the role of a Product Manager. The emphasis on timing and adaptability, crucial in this dynamic field, has provided me with a nuanced perspective on decision-making, a skill set applicable not only in product management but also in navigating the intricacies of everyday life.

Delving into the user perspective has been an eye-opening experience, revealing how the role of a Product Manager aligns with broader aspects of life. Living life from the user's standpoint has opened new insights, fostering a deeper understanding of needs, desires, and challenges. This shift in perspective has not only enhanced my product management skills but has also enriched my overall worldview.

Moreover, the realization that the role of a Product Manager aligns seamlessly with my natural traits as a leader, communicator, and creative has been empowering. Co.Lab has been a platform where I discovered the fulfillment of applying these inherent qualities to the intricacies of product management. Learning how to thrive as a natural-born leader and communicator in this role has been a valuable lesson, emphasizing the importance of leveraging these qualities to drive success and innovation.

As I look forward to the upcoming weeks ahead, the learning journey continues to unfold, promising further growth and a deeper understanding of the multifaceted role of a Product Manager, both professionally and personally."

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