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Strengthening Bonds through Streamlined Recommendations and Shared Experiences.


Product Experience

Problem statement

Close-knit social circles need a way to effortlessly organize and share recommendations among themselves because existing platforms often lack dedicated features for streamlined coordination, resulting in scattered and disorganized information, making it challenging for them to make collective decisions and discover shared interests.”

Problem Background

In the realm of close-knit social circles, our exploration into the challenges faced by these groups has unveiled a compelling narrative. Through extensive user interviews and surveys, it became evident that existing digital platforms inadequately cater to the unique needs of these communities. A staggering 85% of individuals expressed dissatisfaction with the current solutions for sharing and organizing recommendations within their friend groups. The struggle extends beyond mere dissatisfaction, delving into the chaos of disorganized coordination, varying time zones, and the hurdles of reaching a consensus. Friends, bound by shared experiences and a deep sense of connection, find their cherished recommendations scattered across digital platforms, leading to missed opportunities and confusion. This prompted a collective desire for a tailored solution, a dedicated digital space that could simplify coordination, streamline the exchange of recommendations, and elevate the quality of shared experiences.

Embarking on this journey, our research unveiled common pain points, from the challenges of decision-making in diverse friend circles to the frustration of lost recommendations in lengthy chat threads. These insights illuminated the pressing need for a centralized platform capable of not only facilitating efficient coordination but also enhancing the joy of shared experiences among friends. As we delve into the problem space, our aim is to address these pain points head-on, shaping SquadSuggest into a beacon of streamlined communication and collective decision-making for close social circles worldwide.

Research Insights

User Pain Points:

  • Lack of coordination is a significant pain point, highlighted by 100% of participants.
  • Differing time zones pose a challenge for 80% of participants, impacting the coordination within close-knit social circles.
  • Varying opinions contribute to challenges, with 60% of participants expressing this as a common pain point.
  • Difficulties in reaching a consensus emerge as a shared struggle, voiced by 80% of participants.

Supporting Data:

  • All participants (100%) engage with their close groups of friends weekly, underscoring the necessity for regular coordination and communication.
  • WhatsApp is the preferred communication platform for all participants (100%), emphasizing its widespread use within close social circles.
  • Other platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and group chats are commonly used by 60% of participants, providing additional insights into the diverse communication tools employed.
  • Approximately 20% of participants utilize collaborative tools like Google Docs and Google Sheets for specific purposes, showcasing a preference for collaborative document sharing.
  • Features such as polls, ease of use, simplified user interfaces, and the ability to reply to specific messages are valued by all participants (100%), indicating the importance of these functionalities in communication tools.


  • Recommendations often getting lost in lengthy chat threads is a shared concern, voiced by 80% of participants.
  • Most groups (80%) rely on polls, discussions, and informal consensus for decision-making, reflecting the common practices within these social circles.
  • The unanimous desire for the centralization of recommendations is expressed by all participants (100%), forming a clear feedback point for the need to simplify organization processes and enhance decision-making within friend groups.

Landing on the Solution

In response to the identified user pain points and supported by robust data, our journey toward solving the SquadSuggest challenge is guided by a commitment to enhancing communication and coordination within close-knit social circles. Currently in the development phase, SquadSuggest envisions a centralized platform that seamlessly addresses the challenges of coordination, differing time zones, varying opinions, and difficulties in reaching a consensus. The development process is marked by a dedication to creating an organized, efficient, and enjoyable space for friends to share recommendations and make collective decisions.

Explanation of Solution

SquadSuggest is currently in the development stage, and the solution revolves around the creation of a dedicated hub where users can effortlessly share recommendations, suggestions, and polls. The platform is designed to integrate features such as polls, simplified user interfaces, and the ability to reply to specific messages, aligning with the expressed preferences of users. The ongoing development emphasizes ease of use, aiming to alleviate the pain point of lost recommendations in lengthy chat threads. As the solution takes shape, SquadSuggest seeks to provide a dedicated space for shared experiences, enhancing the overall quality of communication within close social circles.

User Flows/Mockups

Currently in the development pipeline, the SquadSuggest team is actively working on crafting user flows and mockups to visualize the intuitive design that will simplify the recommendation-sharing process within close-knit social circles. These visual aids will serve as a guide, ensuring that the platform's interfaces and functionalities align seamlessly with the preferences and expectations of our target audience. The development of these mockups is a crucial step toward refining and optimizing the user experience.

Future Steps

As we move forward, the next steps involve the ongoing development of user flows and mockups. These visual representations will play a pivotal role in refining the platform and ensuring it resonates effectively with users. Beyond this, our focus on future steps is dynamic and collaborative, involving continuous user testing, feedback incorporation, and the optimization of features. The development team is keen on learning from customer interactions to enhance the SquadSuggest platform iteratively. The development journey embraces flexibility, ensuring the platform evolves organically and remains responsive to the needs of close social circles.


Product Manager Learnings:

Suman Chandra Mengaram

Deep Problem Understanding

  • Comprehensive exploration of the problem space is foundational for effective solutions.

User-Centric Design Priority

  • User feedback is pivotal; design solutions based on user insights for a more impactful product.

Focus on Core Problem

  • Concentrate efforts on solving one core problem to ensure a focused and impactful solution.

Agile Iteration Approach

  • Embrace agile development for continuous iteration based on user feedback and evolving needs.

Balancing Innovation and Familiarity

  • Striking a balance between innovation and user familiarity is essential for a successful product.

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

Developers Learnings:


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