SPRINT15 - Mobile App


The app that syncs socials—except it goes even further to collect and organize saved content from everyday social apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok.


Problem Statement

How can Millennials keep track of content they’ve bookmarked and avoid having to search for them in various unorganized social platforms? 

Problem Background  

Time and time again we hear outdated stereotypes about Millennials which doesn’t give an accurate picture of who they are today. They aren’t college kids taking duck-face selfies. Most are navigating early adulthood and the excitement and uncertainty that comes with it, including job milestones, parenthood and eldercare. 

A Microsoft study found that 93 percent of its Gen Y respondents believe productivity is the key to happiness.The reality is that millennials are now a generation of adults who equate living well with productivity through things they value at work and in their personal lives. Of those things, one just so happens to be social media. 

44% of millennials report daily usage of social media and a large portion of that time is spent saving a memorable tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram photo they intend to revisit later. What happens over time? That content gets lost amongst all the recently saved content and time is wasted searching for that one funny video or post with profound truth.

72% of millennials state social media is an essential part of their lives.More than 40% of them list “learning new trends” or “getting breaking news” as their rationale.

Millennials want to consolidate their bookmarks into one single space, keep them organized and easily locate their bookmarks when they need to revisit it. 

The problem with current bookmark features is that the feature is specific to just one brand/app, which means the user does not have one centralized system where they can store their content. 

Other third party apps like Instapaper are specific to articles only and don't allow you to save photos, videos and more.

User Pain Points

The research survey and user interview conducted narrowed down the two major pain points:

  • Not being able to categorize/organize saved content
  • Forgetting to go back to the saved information


Our research let us know multiple pain points of users and we were able to identify two predominant commonalities. The two pain points are lack of organization and forgetting to revisit saved information.

Landing on the Solution

Based on the pain points of our potential users, the solution to the problem is an app with an integration tool that allows users to consolidate and organize saved content from various platforms into one place. 

Explanation of the Solution

This product will allow users to easily find saved posts, videos, and images accumulated across social platforms over time. (The solution is still TBD and will require developer input. However, I am proposing a cloud app with some kind of  integration tool that gathers digital content from various platforms and organizes them into a single space.)

The app works just as a bookmark would, except for the digital space. Once you install the app it’ll sync with the apps on your device and whenever you visit your favorite social app it’ll appear as an option to bookmark once you tap on the Share button. It’ll be sent right to the app for you to manage whenever.

Future Steps

While I truly believe this app hits the nail on the head of the problem, this solution may not be a priority for many. While the majority of survey respondents mentioned that they forget that they save content or that it's disorganized, roughly 70% are very likely or somewhat likely to recall where it is saved. This learning leads me to question whether or not the user understood what was being asked and if the reporting is accurate.


Product Manager Learnings:

Eunice Adarquah

As a product manager I now realize how important it is to focus on the problem space.

I learned that starting off with a solution for a problem that hasn't been identified does not set you up for success. I learned the hard way, and found myself starting over which wasted a lot of time. Identifying the core problem to be solved and the jobs-to-be done for the user are key to how everything else comes into play.

I also personally noticed that I was able to process information better after discussing my ideas with my peers. All the feedback I received was super helpful.

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

Developers Learnings:


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