Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

How can we make the home buying experience in Canada a much enjoyable experience 

for everyone, not just immigrants. (After mentor, peer review and user interviews)

Our initial problem focused on: New immigrant residents to Canada being able to purchase homes as part of their integration and settlement into the community. The challenges were more on finances and navigating through all the processes. 

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Financial challenges from earnings,the housing market economy and getting related home buying services were top on the pain points from both the surveys and user interviews. 


The solution would be useful not just for immigrants as we earlier focused on but for everyone looking to buy or rent a property. 

Landing on the Solution

While there is still much to learn from this problem space and what solutions would be useful, a seamless platform for intending home buyers to adopt which would provide an end-to-end process till they close on the property. 

Future Steps

From speaking to the interviewees on their perspective on owning a home or renting it came down to the economy whether or not it was a good time to buy or rent. The proposed solution could be adopted for renting as a future feature. 




Product Manager Learnings:

Obiora Nkwocha

  • I learned how important research is towards product success. 
  • Validating a problem space is critical to ensuring there is a need and why it should be done now. 
  • Keeping focus on the main problem space especially in the early stages and even down the product phase helps to focus and keep the plan aligned. 
  • The Co.Lab experience has been a good one, exposing me to areas of product management I didn’t really give any thought to. Learning that as a PM my focus should be the What and the Why. What is the Problem to be solved and Why should it be done now. 

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

Developers Learnings:


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