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"reLocate Me" is a centralized and accessible platform designed to assist new immigrants, such as Sola, in their settlement process in Canada. This app aims to reduce potential barriers to successful integration into the new community by offering a platform to socialize with other newcomers in the area


Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

How might we create a centralized and accessible platform that offers new immigrants like Sola a platform to build social connections, in order to reduce potential barriers to successful integration into their new community?

Problem Background  

Relocating to another country might seem like an excellent choice in terms of education and career prospects. However, from a social perspective, it could potentially be a challenging decision, particularly when it means leaving behind your entire family in your homeland and arriving in a new country without any familiar support system.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Using Surveys and interviews, challenges in building social networks were diverse, with 30% facing cultural differences, 20% experiencing no significant difficulties, 10% feeling "othered," 15% encountering unspecified challenges, and 10% struggling with accent-related issues.

Supporting Data

The duration of residency in Canada varied among participants, showcasing diverse timelines since relocation. A majority, constituting 60%, had lived in the country for 0-3 years, while 15% had a residency spanning 3-5 years, another 15% for 8-10 years, and 10% for over a decade. Regarding the season of relocation, most respondents (50%) made their move during the winter, with 25% arriving in autumn/fall, 15% in spring, and 10% in the summer.


Recommendations for a centralized platform included creating an information hub (20%), categorizing and providing access to resources (15%), having a directory with links to resources (10%), and emphasizing localization for a diverse user base (10%). However, 30% did not provide specific recommendations, and 15% did not mention any.

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