Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement

Busy working professionals face challenges securing immediate appointments with manual therapists, leading to prolonged discomfort, fatigue, and potential chronic health issues. Limited accessibility results in a significant impact on well-being and productivity.

Problem Background

The demanding nature of professional life, marked by tight schedules and physical strain, makes it challenging for working professionals to prioritize immediate access to manual therapy. The urgent need for a solution is evident in the potential long-term health implications and the evolving landscape emphasizing employee well-being.

Furthermore, a survey skewed toward the 24-34 age demographic emphasizes the persistent issue. Despite potential bias, the significant agreement from participants solidifies the identification of this problem. These insights are further validated by a correlational study conducted by Kristi Link, Lori Kupczynski, and Sunddip Panesar-Aguilar, revealing a commendable 186% increase in Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) graduates since 2010. However, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) estimates a shortage, with over 26,000 jobs remaining unfilled by 2025.

Key Findings

Research, including online surveys and user interviews, identified critical insights:

  • 60% of participants attempt immediate appointments.
  • 80% are concerned about limited appointment availability.
  • 60% prefer online booking systems.
  • Anecdotal evidence and healthcare professional interviews validated the issue.

Research Insights

Two User Pain Points

Appointment Accessibility:

  • Users express frustration due to the limited availability of immediate appointments.
  • Supporting Data: 80% of survey participants cited this as a primary concern.

DIY Solutions During Wait Times:

  • Users resort to DIY solutions during waiting periods.
  • Supporting Data: 45% of participants express a willingness to endure discomfort while waiting.


  • Users expressed frustration in securing timely appointments.
  • Desire for a user-friendly solution to address health needs.
  • Healthcare professionals acknowledged the widespread nature of the issue.

Landing on the Solution

Proposing a Mobile App for On-Demand Physical Therapy:

  • User-friendly interface for easy scheduling.
  • Real-time therapist availability and telehealth options.
  • In-app exercise guides for user engagement between appointments.

Explanation of Solution

The app aims to address pain points by providing a seamless experience for users to access immediate physical therapy. Telehealth options eliminate the need for physical presence, ensuring accessibility.


User Flows/Mockups

Creating a PM User Flow Mockup and Wireframe:

Future Steps

Possible Additional Problems to Address in the Future:

  • Integration of additional healthcare services.
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity.
  • Expansion to cater to a broader demographic and geographical locations.

Product Completion Criteria:

The product is considered complete when:

  • The platform allows users to book immediate manual therapy appointments.
  • The notification system provides timely reminders.
  • User testing shows high satisfaction and usability.
  • The product is ready for a pilot launch.


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