Get reminders to revisit valuable content with a single click


In today's information-driven world, personal development is a key focus for individuals seeking growth and self-improvement. However, valuable content often gets lost or forgotten amidst the overwhelming amount of information available online. To address this challenge, we have developed a browser extension that aims to help users save and revisit valuable content, ensuring that it doesn't go to waste.

User Pain Points:

Our research indicates that individuals within the personal development community face several pain points, including:

  1. Content Overload: Users struggle to manage and organize the vast amount of valuable content they come across, leading to difficulty in revisiting and making the most of it.
  2. Lack of Reminders: Valuable content is often saved but forgotten due to a lack of timely reminders or prompts to revisit it.
  3. Poor Engagement: Lackluster engagement with online content leads to missed opportunities for personal growth and knowledge enrichment.

Key Findings from User Interviews:

  • The majority of respondents already use bookmarking as the primary way to save links.
  • 100% of respondents said they never or rarely revisit their bookmarked links.
  • The type of content respondents found themselves wanting to revisit included:
  • Educational Content - 78.6%
  • Food recipes/Cooking videos - 64.3%
  • Health and wellness advice - 57.1%
  • Social Media and News articles - both 50%
  • Food recipes/Cooking videos - 64.3%
  • Health and wellness advice - 57.1%
  • Social Media and News articles - both 50%
  • Respondents said the only way they would revisit their bookmarks is if they received periodic (but not intrusive) reminders. 

The Solution:

Our bookmarking reminder browser extension addresses these pain points by offering a simple yet powerful solution. With a single click, users can bookmark important content links and have an automatic reminder triggered that will be sent to them 24 hours later, prompting users to revisit and engage with the content. It allows users to save up to six content links at a time, ensuring that they focus on revisiting and completing the saved content before adding more.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Bookmarking: Users can easily save content links directly from their browsers with a single click. The extension captures the webpage URL and saves it to their library to ensure easy retrieval later.
  2. Automatic Reminders: The extension sends timely reminders, 24 hours after saving a link, to prompt users to revisit the content. These reminders aim to keep valuable content at the forefront of users' minds and foster regular engagement.
  3. Limited Content Library: By restricting the number of saved links to six, we encourage users to prioritize their content consumption. This helps prevent content overload and ensures that users complete the saved links before adding more.
  4. Customizable reminders: on top of the automatic reminder, users can go into their library and select when they wish to receive the reminders for each link saved.
  5. Weekly summaries and tracking: The extension tracks how many links you “complete” and sends you a weekly email displaying a score based on the percentage of saved links that the user revisits.

LOFI & HIFI Mockups:

Interactive Design Learnings

After creating our initial prototype, we ran through several design iterations to reach our goal of a seamless, intuitive user flow of our product.We placed priority on “simplicity” and “focused” aspects such as:

  • enhancing our one-click feature
  • save limitation of up to 6 reminders
  • an automatic 24-hour reminder set-up

 We gathered these learnings from researching user needs and removing convoluted parts of our initial design prototypes.

Next Steps:

If we were to continue, we would implement these features:

  1. More personalized reminders: having the ability to set specific times and dates for each content link saved.
  2. Refined UI/UX: remove links listed in the library for a cleaner look, add the date that content was saved to keep track of long links stay in your library, update the layout of webpages, etc.
  3. Expanded library: potentially increasing the number of saved links available based on user testing and preference.
  4. AI-powered summaries: AI generates short summaries of the articles or videos the users save to be even more efficient at engaging with the content they curate for themselves.
  5. Tags or Categories: potentially including separate libraries based on types of content to better organize the user’s saved links and track which type of content they are more likely to engage with.
  6. Customizable Method of Notification: whether users prefer popups or opening with a new tab, calendar events scheduled, etc.
  7. Mobile App

Expected Benefits:

Our bookmarking reminder browser extension offers several benefits to users within the personal development community:

  1. Efficient Content Management: Users can effectively manage and organize their valuable content, preventing it from getting lost or forgotten.
  2. Consistent Progress: The reminders ensure that users regularly revisit and engage with their saved content, leading to a consistent and structured approach to personal development.
  3. Reduced Overwhelm: The limited content library encourages users to focus on completing the saved links, reducing the stress of managing an overwhelming number of saved articles, videos, or resources.
  4. Enhanced Personal Growth: By providing automatic reminders, our extension supports users in their personal development journey, ensuring that valuable content is actively consumed and applied to foster growth and self-improvement.

We are excited to present our bookmarking reminder browser extension, which aims to empower users within the personal development community to make the most of valuable content and achieve their growth objectives.


Product Manager Learnings:

Nathan Grzesiek

The experiences and learnings most valuable to me were:

  • Effective Prioritization: Not only deciding what to focus on, but executing on those prioritized tasks with the proper speed needed was difficult, but incredibly necessary.
  • Adaptive Communication: Working with a team on separate continents drastically improved my communication skills and forced me to discover new forms or remote communication that was effective for different scenarios from daily standups to full team meetings.

Designer Learnings:

Irene Truong

Co.Lab has been a journey full of obstacles and learning. I got to really familiarise myself with a product designer’s toolbox. Learning the process of iterations, digesting feedback, and practicing effective prioritization has helped honed my design thinking process.

The best thing Co.lab offered to me is the experience of working with such an amazing and diversified set of team members—each of us who are knowledgeable and show willingness to explore unfamiliar territories. 🤗

Developer Learnings:

Joseph Odunsi

Overall, my experience so far has been transformative. 

Prior to joining Co.lab, I had no experience in building extensions, but through the program, I have successfully developed one. This experience has taught me valuable skills in collaboration within a team, and the ability to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies. I am proud of our progress and excited to apply my newfound knowledge and skills in future projects.🚀

Developers Learnings:

Matchoudi Avlessi


Participating in Co.Lab has been an absolute joy. In just 7 weeks, I've learned invaluable skills like creating browser extensions, scheduling backend events, and achieving full duplex transmissions between servers and clients. It's boosted my confidence and solidified my belief that I belong in the tech industry. The experience of building an MVP product from backend to extension has been incredibly fulfilling. I'm grateful for the opportunity and excited for what lies ahead in my tech journey.

Full Team Learning