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Planner will help keep track of what needs to be done and allow users to communicate and plan all in one place.


Problem Statement

People like Casual Party Organizers are having trouble organizing casual get-togethers which can be resolved by better communication and live updates when information changes. I will know when I’m right in follow up interviews and in surveys users have stated they feel less stress and organizing has become easier.

Problem Background  

Though not Earth shattering, Interviewees have stated how troublesome it can be to organize with others. They have stated that making sure all the prep work is done, people bring what is necessary and people stay in assigned roles to help accomplish tasks can be difficult with more people involved. For people trying to have a get-together, having an unorganized setup can be draining financially and on time. It can also be stressful in order to make sure everything gets done.

Especially after COVID, people are rusty on hosting parties and events and people can overcompensate by adding extra things or take on extra roles leading to disarray. Communication is one of the best ways to help alleviate the pain from hosting to ensure all things are done but most people don’t have the time to spend on a computer checking what is done then messaging everyone involved with the updated information.

Research Insights & User Pain Points

During the interviews, some of the pain points are how disorganized planning something can be. Even though there are apps and programs to organize events, some people will not update information when it changes or see the updated information. There is a financial element, people bringing extra items or duplicates this can lead to wastage.


I interviewed three people who were either having a party (pool party, BBQ, games night , etc) to get their opinion on the matter. The pain points became more prominent when the organizing party grew. Communication was a key component to what they talked about, making sure that all members were on the same page as they organized. 

Solution Explanation

Planner will help resolve these pain points by having all the organization in one place. Users can talk and discuss what needs to be done then make a list for it. Users can assign tasks to each other to make sure they are completed and people will be responsible for them. Notifications will be sent out whenever a task is completed or created. Reminders will be sent out periodically to remind users to complete their tasks. By having the planning be more organized and people having their assigned roles it will help reduce waste.

User Flow / Mock-Ups

Future Steps

Future steps include further research, interviews and refinement. Build an MVP and test if it is viable. To see if it can be integrated as a plugin for other apps such as Whatsapp. I will use this as an example for future career application


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