PartyPulser is a streamlined solution for young professionals (ages 23-30) to easily identify parties and events where they can meet new people, socialize, and have fun on their nights out


Problem Statement  

How might we create a streamlined solution for young professionals (ages 23-30) to easily identify parties and events where they can meet new people, socialize, and have fun on their nights out?

Problem Background  

Young professionals (aged 23-30) often experience significant life transitions, such as adjusting to post-college life, settling into new cities, and managing high-stress jobs. Amidst these changes, they seek opportunities to unwind, socialize, and network, making the nightlife scene a vital aspect of their lives. However, navigating this scene presents challenges. Despite residing in areas for extended periods, young professionals struggle to identify the most enjoyable parties and events (60%+ of survey respondents believe their night out planning process could be improved substantially; see appendix for details). They invest valuable time attending gatherings that often fail to meet their expectations, leading to frustration and the need to search for alternative venues. This inefficiency not only wastes time but also incurs unnecessary transportation costs, such as excessive spending on ride-sharing services. Moreover, finding the right events can contribute to developing a stronger network, provide outlets for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and contribute to personal enrichment and fulfillment. Thus, having a solution that streamlines the process of finding suitable nightlife options not only enhances the overall nightlife experience but also supports young professionals in their personal and professional growth endeavors.

Streamlining the process of finding suitable nightlife options holds significant promise. By reducing the time spent planning nights out, young professionals can optimize their leisure time, fostering a more fulfilling and cost-effective evening. Simplifying the search for enjoyable venues not only enhances the overall nightlife experience but also facilitates valuable connections and social interactions crucial for personal and professional growth.

Research Insights

Problem space valdiation

63% of respondents reported that their planning process could be made much more effective; 0% of respondents said they found great events and parties easily (see appendix for details)


When asked to freely type out/speak about a frustrating night out experience, there were major themes around painpoints including coordination with friends (e.g, friends not agreeing on place to go) and selecting the wrong place because of a lack of information (e.g., cover charges are higher than expected), which could lead to spending more money on ubers and/or spending a lot of their night event hopping


User prioritized 4 main criteria when selecting an event/party: music/entertainment, location, cost, and recommendations from friends 

Landing on the Solution

Based on our target users’ pain points, we knew we wanted to work on a product that would allow users to

  • View a consolidated list of events happening for the month/week as well as bars, clubs and other venues in the area with key information about each (e.g., music, most popular times to go)
  • Search for and filter out events using different criteria 
  • Receive parties and event recommendations each week based on prior experiences/searches 
  • Collaborate with their friends on one application to plan their night out 

Although I have a view of the types of features we would like to include, I am looking forward to working with a team to determine the “how” of the solution

Explanation of Solution

Our product aims to provide users with a comprehensive, centralized platform where users can access a consolidated list of events happening in their area for the month or week. In addition, users can explore information about bars, clubs, and other venues, including key details such as music genre and peak hours. This eliminates the need for users to juggle multiple applications (e.g., Instagram, Eventbrite, Google) to gather essential event information.

Additionally, the platform allows users to search for and filter events based on various criteria, ensuring they find options tailored to their preferences. It also offers personalized recommendations for parties and events each week, drawing from users' past experiences and searches.

Moreover, our solution facilitates seamless collaboration among friends by enabling them to plan their nights out together within a single application. This feature reduces the time spent deliberating on where to go that night.

Ultimately, our product aims to enhance the nightlife experience for users, increasing the likelihood of them having fun on their nights out. It also reduces the stress and time spent planning with friends and cuts down on the time and expenses associated with attending multiple locations in a night while searching for the right event."

Future Steps

I plan to work with a team to build out the MVP for this product and am considering devoting time to fully building out and scaling this solution, as this is something I am passionate about creating and believe would really help a lot of people.


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