Orca will be an app which will be designed to incentivize people to do things to reduce their carbon footprint


Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

How might we make reducing one’s carbon footprint an enjoyable/rewarding process for people so that they continue to take such actions?

Problem Background  

The average American has an annual carbon footprint of about 16 tons. As years go by, these releases are becoming more and more of a concern. This is because our carbon footprint creates a wide variety of serious issues like human induced climate change, urban air pollution, toxicity in our rain, among other things. It also affects our ocean and marine life. While reducing our carbon footprint is difficult given our modern way of life, there are certain things we can do on an individual level which will contribute to lowering these values. 

Research Insights

User Pain Points

All respondents to my survey or interview currently have no other motive for       eco-friendly actions other than just for the sake of treating the earth well or the guilt of not treating it well.

Supporting Data

70% of respondents said that being rewarded with gift cards could further motivate them to take eco-friendly actions.

Our preliminary user research to validate this problem with user surveys found that our app’s features may be a useful solution to the problem. 

Landing on the Solution

Based on user pain points we wanted wanted to work on two main features in our app: a reward system for taking actions that are eco-friendly 

Explanation of Solution

Once the user responses were in, our solution was simply reinforced. Ultimately we do not care how or why people decide to make eco-friendly decisions, just that they make them. And since we learned that there currently was not much of a motive and that additional ones would help people start taking more action, our apps features were backed as a good solution. 

Future Steps

A future step would be to make a prototype and then also conduct more user research because currently the data is limited. 



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Nayan Narula

Co.Lab was a good experience and I really liked the knowledge that I attained like how to use your research to reconsider your problem space and conduct your spec in such a manner.

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