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A skin-health marketplace app committed to solving the problems arising from the one-size-fits-all marketing approach in the skincare industry.


Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

How might we tackle the issue of underrepresentation in the skincare industry and provide accessible, personalized guidance and solutions for individuals from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, ensuring effectiveness and inclusivity?

Problem Background  

Many individuals with skin- related concerns struggle to find skincare products suitable for their specific needs, including sensitive or dry skin, eczema, acne, and hyperpigmentation. The standard products that dominate the market often fail to address their unique concerns and can make one's skin worse. This dilemma requires expensive dermatologist visits for guidance on readily available over-the-counter solutions which could result in wasted time and resources. There is a pressing need for a platform that offers personalized product recommendations, ensuring that individuals can efficiently access the right skincare solutions without costly and time-consuming interventions.

Additionally, products created for darker skin tones in the skincare industry are often overshadowed and marginalized by the dominance of big corporations that promote a "one-size-fits-all" marketing approach. This leads to a lack of visibility, representation, and recognition for the unique cultural and diverse perspectives, needs of consumers, and products within the skincare market.

Together, these challenges underscore the urgency of a platform that not only promotes inclusivity and celebrates cultural diversity by highlighting POC-owned skincare companies but also provides a holistic solution to address the unique skin-related needs of individuals from various backgrounds. This platform would bridge the gap between underrepresented skincare products and consumers who value their distinct offerings and perspectives, ultimately improving access to effective skincare solutions.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

To validate the problem space and bolster existing research we conducted 12 interviews and collected responses from 18 survey participants to understand the pain points of people from different cultures and backgrounds. The survey highlighted the issue in today’s market where the majority of products are tailored for a broad, general audience. Unfortunately, this approach frequently overlooks the diverse range of skin types, tones, and concerns that individuals may have.

The key insights were:

Diverse Skincare Needs Unmet: They continue to face challenges in finding skincare products that effectively address their specific needs.

Difficulty in Tracking Skin Ingredients: It is challenging to track skincare ingredients and determine their suitability for darker skin tones.

Lack of Representation in Local Stores: Limited representation leaves consumers with few convenient sources for purchasing suitable products.

Concerns about Product Authenticity: When purchasing products online, especially those meant for their skin tone or from brands advertising for their needs, there is uncertainty about the authenticity of the product.

Supporting Data

According to the respondents and interviewees,  there is no single product, nor collection of them, that adequately solves their pain points. Thus, their current solutions are:

Trial & Error: While experimentation can help users discover suitable skincare products, it comes with certain downsides. One is the risk of skin irritation or adverse reactions. The process of trial & error can also be costly, and the repeated cycle leads to frustration.

Constant Research: Causes information overload, and the conflicting advice adds to confusion and leaves the users uncertain about the best course of action. 

Professional Help (Dermatologist): The cost associated with in-person dermatologist visits can be a financial burden to some individuals. There is also limited accessibility to dermatologists in certain regions. Finally, the appointments often require very long wait times.


The central issue revolves around the demand for personalized skin-related guidance and effective solutions, especially tailored for individuals with melanin-rich skin. There's a clear need for a streamlined process, ensuring the easy identification of the most suitable products for individual users.

Landing on the Solution

In light of the numerous pain points within this problem space, the choice has been to focus on creating a network of categorized product and brand selection based on factors like skin tone, skin texture, melanin-rich skin, POC-owned (e.g. black-made, korean-made). This approach offers the broadest and most profound impact, addressing the challenges users face when looking for skin-related products and solutions.  

Explanation of Solution 

MyTone solves the problems arising from the one-size-fits-all marketing approach in the skincare industry. It’s a personalized solution for individuals with skin-related concerns who struggle to find skincare products that truly cater to their unique wants and needs. This approach aims to rectify the oversight of the diverse range of skin types, tones, and concerns that individuals may have, effectively mitigating several pressing issues in the skincare industry.

The online MVP focuses on 5 main features:

Product Recommendation Engine: A recommendation engine that suggests skincare products tailored to the user's specific skin type, concerns, and preferences.  Incorporates user reviews, ratings, and expert insights for informed decision-making.

Cultural Sensitivity Filters: Filters that allow users to specify preferences for products that align with their cultural background or address specific skin concerns common in certain ethnic groups.

Scan & Verify: scan product barcodes or QR codes for instant access to detailed product information. This feature also takes product ingredients and cross-references them with the user's known allergies. It provides alerts when potential allergens are present in skincare products, helping individuals with sensitive skin avoid adverse reactions. Additionally, Barcode Scanning for Alternatives: Suggest alternative products that meet the user's criteria when a scanned product doesn't match.

Cultural Insights Section: Educational content that explores the cultural significance of various skincare practices and ingredients. Articles, videos, or infographics celebrating diversity and providing insights into skincare traditions.

Inclusive Brand Showcases and Ratings: Dedicated sections featuring products from underrepresented brands, including black-owned, Asian-owned, and other POC-owned businesses. Regularly updated highlights of unique and culturally diverse skincare offerings.


User Flows


Skin Analysis Quiz for tailored product recommendations, curated brands, and skin health insights.

Main Mobile App Pages

Future Steps

While I don't currently plan to continue this project anytime soon, the insights gained from customer interactions highlight the industry's ongoing need for inclusivity. In the future, if I choose to further develop MyTone, the focus would be on enhancing personalization, refining algorithms for more tailored recommendations based on individual skin types, tones, and concerns. Collaborating with dermatologists would be a goal, ensuring access to the latest skincare advancements. Global accessibility, consideration of diverse cultural skincare practices, and the establishment of a vibrant user community for knowledge-sharing would remain key objectives within the app.



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Oluwasore Ajayi

Co.lab provided precisely the experience I sought—an opportunity to learn, think and work as a Product Manager. It taught me the importance of focusing on the problem space before delving into solutions, ensuring they genuinely address user needs. Conducting thorough user research emerged as the key to finding accurate solutions. The hands-on approach made learning both enjoyable and educational, instilling in me a 100% confidence in pursuing a career in product management. I'm grateful for the knowledge and feedback received during this program. Thank you for an incredible learning journey!

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