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MyPoolPal is a mobile app that provides real-time information on pool occupancy and lane availability.


Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

How might we provide real-time information about pool occupancy and lane availability for regular swimmers so that they can optimize their pool visits, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable swimming experience?

Problem Background  

Customer: Swimmers of all levels.

Problem: Swimmers often encounter crowded pools and limited lane availability, leading to suboptimal swimming experiences.

Why Now: The problem is persistent, affecting the satisfaction of swimmers. The need for real-time information to address this issue is underscored by evolving user expectations and technological advancements.

What We Know: Extensive market research, user feedback, and interviews have highlighted the recurring nature of this issue, emphasizing the demand for a solution.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Using an online survey and user interviews at the pool, Participants described specific challenges faced when the pool is crowded or lane availability is limited such as:

  1. “Not being able to swim freely and peacefully.”
  2. “More stressful swim”
  3. “Forced to swim with swimmers who swim at a different pace”
  4. “I tend to have to wait a while before a lane is available”

Supporting Data

  1. 64% of participants frequently encounter issues related to overcrowded pools and limited lane availability. 
  2. 100% of participants are open to adopting new technologies or tools to improve their overall experience at the pool

100% of user interview participants found the value in real-time pool occupancy data to be moderately valuable and higher to them


The feedback highlighted the demand for a solution like MyPoolPal that provides real-time pool occupancy information to enhance the swimming experience for a diverse group.

  1. High Value of Real-Time Pool Occupancy Information: Participants expressed a high level of interest in real-time pool occupancy information. They see it as a valuable tool to plan their visits and avoid crowded times, which significantly enhances their swimming experience.
  1. Challenges of Crowded Pools: Participants mentioned specific challenges when the pool is crowded, such as reduced space for swimming freely and maintaining a consistent workout. This issue can lead to frustration and impact their overall experience.
  1. Varied Swimming Frequency: Participants swimming frequency varies widely, with some swimming multiple times a week and others only swimming once or twice a month. The need for real-time pool occupancy information remains relevant for both groups.
  1. Openness to Technology Adoption: Participants are open to adopting new technologies or tools to improve their swimming experience. They have experienced the positive impact of technology in other aspects of their lives and believe similar benefits could be applied to their swimming routines.

Landing on the Solution 

Based on our target users’ pain points, I knew I wanted to work on the following features:

Real-Time Pool Occupancy Information

Addressing the pain point of overcrowded pools and limited lane availability by providing users with up-to-the-minute data on the current occupancy of the pool.

Advanced Lane Reservations

Recognizing the needs of competitive swimmers, we aimed to enable them to reserve lanes in advance, ensuring they have dedicated training space when needed.

Personalized Notifications

Understanding the stress associated with crowded pools, this feature would inform users about less crowded times, facilitating a more relaxed and enjoyable pool experience.

Future Steps

Possibilities that need addressing

  1. How can we ensure the app's accuracy and reliability in providing this data?
  2. What is the optimal pricing model for the app, considering user segments and locations?


Product Manager Learnings:

Jude Legendre

I learnt a lot through Co.Lab!

  • Conducting user surveys and interviews has been an eye opener. I've discovered the power of truly understanding your customer needs and pain points.
  • Writing a Product Spec has been rewarding. It's like putting together the puzzle pieces of my product's future.
  • MVP's and effective prioritization - It's not just about creating something basic; it's about strategically crafting a version that captures the essence of the product, garners feedback, and allows for meaningful iterations. Understanding how to adapt and refine based on user feedback and market demands is a skill set every hashtag#productmanager should master.

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

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