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MediShare streamlines medical image-sharing, enhancing access and exchange between various providers and patients.


Problem Statement  

Patients need a way to swiftly transmit medical imaging to various healthcare providers who may work at separate hospitals/practices. Already grappling with health concerns, delays in sharing critical diagnostic data can prolong the anxiety of awaiting a diagnosis and treatment plan, potentially impacting their overall well-being and recovery journey.

Problem Background  

MediShare customers will include healthcare providers and patients. Currently, healthcare providers cannot share imaging across separate networks, leaving the patient responsible for requesting disks or figuring out how to share imaging from secured platforms. This is a problem for patients who want second opinions from healthcare providers. It slows down the transfer of imaging and creates more anxiety and work for the patient.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Using Survey Monkey, we identified a few different categories of prospective users with over 10 user interviews

Supporting Data

88% reported that difficulty accessing imaging was their greatest challenge


Our preliminary user research to validate this problem with patients sharing medical imaging found that there is a variety of ways patients send medical imaging, each with their own pain points

Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GBBXDRT

Future Steps

This is what we learned from speaking to customers …

  • Difficulty accessing imaging was the main challenge, followed by cost and long waiting times
  • Having to call healthcare offices multiple times to receive imaging
  • Having a different pacs system often hinders the process.
  • Not every provider gives you a copy through the portal so you have to ask them to email/fax which takes a long time.
  • 60% of responders use a digital medical chart currently to keep track of imaging



Product Manager Learnings:

Oliver Soble

My Co.lab experience significantly enhanced my understanding of Product Management. I arrived with minimal knowledge and now depart with a comprehensive understanding. I've learned that prioritizing customer needs is paramount for a PM, as a product without demand serves no purpose. Additionally, effective teamwork is essential, involving clear communication of the product vision across departments to ensure alignment and value delivery to customers. Through tasks such as identifying problem spaces, specs, and portfolios, I've gained practical experience in the PM process.

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

Developers Learnings:


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