Mech Medic

Mech medic is an all inclusive car maintenance app.The objective here is to guide our users through the journeys of car maintenance simplifying it and providing our users tools that can help them with their car repair issues


Product Experience

I am just getting started on my journey into product management, very excited to share my first MVP!

Problem Space 

We are extremely reliant on our vehicles and yet there seems to be a large disconnection between people and the care for their vehicles. Concerts about pricing as well as a general lack of knowledge has made the process of vehicle repair very difficult for car owners to navigate.

Problem Statement  

The cost of car repairs are very high for most car owners ,time spent on this decision causes loss because not having their car leads to loss of income and ignoring repairs leads to more expensive repairs.             

Problem Background  

Every car owner needs repairs for their vehicle eventually. Car repairs cost on average $500 to $600, ! in 3 american drivers will have to go into debt to afford this repair. Mech medic aims to help customers prepare for this unexpected but extremely impactful cost by in depth pathways to both prepare for and resolve this unexpected expense 

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Through some user interviews I was able to get an understanding of the most pressing concerns;

No Proactive approach to car repair and saving for potential expenses.

Lack of Knowledge about vehicle parts requiring replacement and their respective timelines.

Desire for a savings plan and options for financial assistance for repairs.

Lack of fast Access to short-term loans and payment plans within an app.

No directed  Access to DIY home maintenance advice and reminders for vehicle upkeep.

Difficulty with booking  appointments for unresolved vehicle issues.

Supporting Data

AAA has also discussed these issues “The total cost of owning and operating a vehicle averages more than $10,000 a year, and many Americans fail to take into account all of the expenses,” said David Bennett, AAA’s manager of Repair Systems. “In addition to car payments, fuel costs and insurance premiums, drivers need to budget for inevitable expenses such as maintenance and repair.”


After reviewing the interviews given, It became clear that there were multiple approaches to this issue depending on the vehicle owner. There was either a proactive or reactive approach to the issue of car repair.

Landing on the Solution

“Based on our target users’ pain points, we knew we wanted to work on the following features


  • Savings Tracker:Allows users to set up monthly or biweekly savings plans for future car repairs and maintenance.
  • Vehicle Parts Replacement Guide:Provides information on essential vehicle parts and recommended replacement schedules.
  • Loan and Payment Plan Interface:Facilitates access to short-term loans or payment plans for vehicle repairs, with a simple application process directly within the app.
  • DIY Maintenance and Reminders:Offers DIY maintenance guides and sends reminders based on vehicle usage, weather conditions, and maintenance schedules.
  • Driving and Maintenance Tracker:Utilises GPS and vehicle data to track driving habits, providing customised maintenance reminders and advice based on driving patterns and environmental factors.
  • Appointment Booking System:Allows users to schedule appointments with authorised service centres for vehicle issues beyond their DIY capabilities.

This comprehensive app aims to empower vehicle owners by helping them save, stay informed about maintenance needs, access financial assistance, and efficiently manage their vehicle's upkeep through DIY efforts and timely professional support

Future Steps

While I currently do not know enough about the market to suggest a way to institute an insurance system for car repairs, it was by far the most common request I came across in my interviews. I believe this would be the eventual end goal of the product. 



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Ire Aboyeji

Co.lab was a wonderful experience. It was amazing to be able to step out of my comfort zone to learn a new skill and develop an MVP, I cannot wait to start the Boot camp to continue growing my skill level.

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