Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement 

 Overall ,Sports fans would desire and benefit if there is  a way to watch their favourite teams in the Premier League and Football League on one platform  in order to get a chance to increase sports knowledge and in the sports world maximise fun to the fullest with a variety of the  various leagues.

Problem Background  

Every sports fan in the US wants to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer and football. Their favourite  teams play other rival teams week in, week out. However they do not have a one stop shop to watch all these games, get live updates, daily news and every other latest information concerning their various teams. Some individuals have to pay several subscriptions to watch these games, but are subject to the games that the subscription services have access to show. 

For instance, Spectrum streaming customers will have to pay extra to get more sports channels which do not include channels that broadcast the EPL games. Now customers who want to watch EPL will have to subscribe to NBC Peacock to watch selected games and not all games. Above all these apps do not offer news updates that customers desire. 

Research Insights

User Pain Points

“Using google forms we sent out surveys to over 20 participants, however we only received feedback from 5 respondents. 

Supporting Data

From our survey that was put out we noticed some key issues and also saw the customers paint point as well.  

One key point we noticed that most of our respondent all watch the games at home

Another pointer we noticed was on the issues of the ability to watch both the EPL and NFL on device was another pain point for our sports lovers. 


We had a total of five respondents who all support different teams. They all had this to say. 

“As a type of user, I want  an App that can show me game times and schedules; with my timezone in mind with the viewing channel so that I can login and head straight to the channel rather than flipping from channel to channel.”

“As a type of user, I want an App that provides me with notifications about news, transfer window updates, injury update, draft pick, player watch etc of my favourite team all in one app. This is to avoid checking different news outlets for information”. 

“As a type of user, I want an App that allows me to personalise my UI for future use and also comes with a good subscription rate as customers are looking to cut costs on already existing streaming subscriptions”  

Landing on the Solution

Our proposed solution will be Match Day Games. This app will allow all customers to catch all their favourite games in one app that is available on mobile and on Tv for their viewing pleasure all for one price at the click of one button. 

Match Day Games will provide sports fans with its notification features notifying them with latest updates on transfer window, draft pick, upcoming games, game teasers, fun facts and so much more. 

We also schedule frequent maintenance and bug fixes updates to ensure we are consistently meeting the needs of the customer. 

Future Steps

We have also considered key points from the voice of the customer while creating the MVP and hopefully more improvements to come.

Upon Login, the customer can head straight to watch their favorite team, without having to go through the glossary of games that are ongoing, once they have set up their preference at initial login after the signup process. The email server (non gmail users) might pose a problem. 

The only glitch we envisage with the above is, if customers skip the personal preference setup at initial login, then they might have to settle for an AI organised landing page (Based on browsing history) with subsequent login. This might be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling. However, subsequent updates should resolve this glitch. 

We can expect a two seconds time lag while switching between live games. 


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