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Enhance YouTube learning with concise video summaries and automated note-taking using LearnScape Chrome Extension.


Product Experience

Problem Space

Problem Statement

How might we enhance the educational experience on YouTube by reducing time inefficiency and distractions for learners?

Problem Background

Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the reliance on YouTube for education has significantly increased. However, learners often encounter lengthy videos filled with irrelevant content, leading to a cumbersome and inefficient learning process.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Our research revealed that learners struggle with long videos and taking notes while studying and are often distracted by irrelevant thumbnails, leading to a lack of focus and inefficient note-taking.

Supporting Data

86.6% of surveyed individuals tend to abandon long educational videos.

90.9% would take notes if there was a faster method.

66.7% are often distracted by unrelated video thumbnails.


Our user surveys and observational studies indicated significant issues with the current YouTube learning experience. These insights were crucial in shaping LearnScape's focus on reducing distractions and streamlining the note-taking process

Landing on the Solution

Based on user pain points, we focused on creating features that provide concise video summaries, automated note-taking, and a distraction-free learning environment.


  1. Before Watching: A user can quickly read the summary to decide if a video is relevant to their needs.
  2. During Watching: Auto-generated notes are presented alongside the video, allowing the user to follow along without pausing or taking manual notes.
  3. Learning Mode: When selected, this feature provides an immersive environment that minimizes distractions and presents video content with summaries and notes for easy reference.


Efficiency: Reduce note-taking time by 50%.

Focus: Increase user-reported focus levels by 60%.

Relevance: Ensure 85% of users find video summaries useful.

User Flows/Mockups

User Stories

  1. As a student, I need quick access to summaries and notes of educational videos to optimize my study time.
  2. As a lifelong learner, I want assurance that the content I'm about to watch is relevant, saving me from investing time in non-beneficial content.
  3. As an online learner, I want a dedicated learning environment on YouTube to maintain high levels of focus without distractions.

Measuring Success

  • Usage Metrics: Track engagement with the summaries and notes, time spent with LearnScape vs. standard YouTube, and the ratio of videos watched after viewing summaries.
  • User Feedback: Conduct surveys to measure satisfaction and gather qualitative feedback about the learning experience with LearnScape.
  • Learning Outcomes: Measure the perceived impact on learning efficiency and retention pre and post implementation of LearnScape.

Future Steps

Further refinement of the summarization and note-taking algorithms to cater to a wider range of educational content.

Potential integration with digital note-taking tools and cloud services for seamless data transfer.

Development of a smart recommendation engine to suggest educational content based on user preferences and learning patterns.


Product Manager Learnings:

Syed Nazif Ishrak

Participating in the Co.Lab program while developing LearnScape was an enriching experience, providing valuable insights into user-centric product development and the importance of addressing specific pain points in the e-learning domain.

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

Developers Learnings:


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