LactoLink is an app that connects new or experienced mothers to lactation consultants and other healthcare professionals that can assist in their breastfeeding journey.


Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

“Mother’s need a better way to easily locate breastfeeding support.”

Problem Background  

New and experienced mothers often face challenges when breastfeeding, and finding professional support can be difficult and time-consuming. Breast Milk is regarded by health professionals as the most nutritious food source for an infant, however, the CDC reports that 60% of mothers do not breastfeed for as long as they intend to due to various reasons but believing they do not produce enough milk is the most common reason. It is recommended by the World Health Organization that infants be exclusively breastfed for at least the first 6 months of life for optimal nutrition and a reduced chance of childhood illnesses occurring.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

10 surveys and user interviews were conducted in research efforts. 

Supporting Data

90% of mothers stated that they had been told by their child’s pediatrician that they did not produce enough milk and 100% did not know how to seek help from a Lactation Consultant after leaving the hospital. Only 20% stated that their child was exclusively breastfed the first 6 months of life.

Landing on the Solution 

Based on our target users’ pain points LactoLink will include the following features:

• Easily locating lactation consultants and other health professionals. 

• Social engagement with peers.

• Family support for breastfeeding.

• Accurate published information on breastfeeding.

Explanation of Solution

• Users will be able to locate Lactation Consultants, Therapists, Doulas & Nutritionists based on their location and know whether these providers accept their health insurance plans, self-payment, or provide free services based on income. 

•Engage with other mothers through a community forum.

•Family support will also be encouraged through the ability to share feeding plans with caretakers.

•Users can locate accurate published breastfeeding information supported by trained and licensed Lactation Consultants and government health agencies.


Product Manager Learnings:

Chasity Baker

  • Focus on your problem BEFORE you focus on solutions.     
  • How to conduct user research and form user stories.
  • Ensure that your product features make sense based on your problem statement.

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

Developers Learnings:


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