An all in one product to help couples plan for their weddings and execute the plan by reducing the planning time, expenses and stress.


Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

How can we make it easier for newly engaged couples in Japan to plan for their dream wedding within their target timeline and budget, reducing the planning time, expenses and stress?

Problem Background  

Weddings are a celebration of love, a joyous occasion we all enjoy, but the planning process is often overwhelming and difficult to manage. Especially for newly engaged couples under the age of 30 who are working with a relatively small budget of $25000 or less. Kekkonmi is a resource for anyone planning their dream wedding in Japan for the first time, with an efficient and cost-effective approach.

The main problem is that there are multiple tools that address different aspects of the wedding planning process, which means couples have to find and utilize multiple different tools. This adds to the complexity of the process, making wedding planning more difficult and time consuming, taking up to 6 months for almost 38% of couples but most importantly difficult to plan and manage the wedding planning process and do so within the budget they set.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

  1. Planning a great wedding within budget.
  2. Finding the ideal venue and all the services you need.
  3. Collaborating with partner managing and delegating tasks. 
  4. Communicating with guests, or vendors

Supporting Data

 According to a 2022 (12,000 couples surveyed) research conducted by The Knot Research and Insights team, couples' top challenges while planning for their big day were 47% planning with a budget, and 36% determining guest list. 73% of respondents relied on family/friends to help with the planning or on wedding planning websites.

In America alone there were 2.6M weddings in 2022, average of about 5000 weddings a day, there is a need for a solution that focuses on solving the core issues couples face during wedding planning. 

In my own research I found that 47% of couples had a wedding budget of less than 25,000$, 50% of weddings planned managed to stay within budget but 42% reported feeling stressed during wedding planning. Although budget is important, ensuring guests enjoyed the wedding ranked 1st in their priorities.


Participants expressed a need for a central all in one tool that would allow newly engaged couples to work on the most critical parts of their wedding planning. According to my research the key priorities for couples planning their weddings were 1. ensuring their guests went home happy and 2. Staying within budget. These priorities concurrently require the ability to identify venues, services, and for partners to collaborate and manage their time and budget efficiently.

Landing on the Solution

“Based on our target users’ pain points, we knew we wanted to work on the following features

  1. Budget monitoring dashboard: Couples to monitor, manage and adjust their wedding budget.
  2. Search functionality: Couples to find budget friendly venues/vendors/services for their wedding.
  3. Collaboration capabilities: Couples to communicate, collaborate with each other, vendors, family and friends with ease as well as delegating tasks or todos.

Explanation of Solution

Kekkonmi gives users the ability to review their preferences and options of venues/vendors and products available to them and set a budget, region and timeframe for planning. They can either choose a combination of services or receive recommendations for everything they need for their wedding, including venue, wedding dress, photographer, etc., all within their budget. They have the option to combine, add or remove different products or services. According to my research, couples planning their wedding also want to include their guests or family in the process. So the solution would allow them to share tasks, share progress, and get opinions or support from family or friends.

Kekkonmi offers a unique solution that enables smoother communication and collaboration in preparing and coordinating wedding planning, with a focus on maximizing the budget available to couples. This reduces stress and confusion during the planning process

User Flows/Mockups

Future Steps

In my research 68.4% of respondents did not have a specific tool they could recommend to help planning a wedding, 42 % reported feeling stressed during their wedding preparation. 

By providing a singular solution that allows for smoother communication and collaboration in preparation and coordination of the wedding planning process with a focus on maximising whatever budget the couples have. This will reduce stress and ambiguity of the planning process and allow couples to have their dream weddings.



Product Manager Learnings:

Fernandes Nyowani

Co.Lab was a very unique and exciting experience for me. Here are my learnings so far: 

Problem space first: Yes, it's fun to come up with solutions and ideas for potential problems, but the key to building effective products or solutions is to focus not only on the problem space, but also on the user. By making sure you understand the problem and communicate clearly with the user, you can better prepare for the solution space.

Who is your customer: It is important to clearly define who your customer is. By clearly outlining the key differentiators of the customer, you can ensure that (i) the user's problem is accurately viewed from their perspective and (ii) the solution is accurately tailored to them.

Hindsight is 20/20:After conducting the initial research and user interviews, I realised how many questions I could or should have asked that would have provided better insight into the solution itself. I enjoyed learning what it means to truly understand user problems and let the problem and potential users guide me to a solution.

I am a Product Manager: Most importantly, I enjoyed every step of the process. This experience has shown me that I belong in product management and inspired me to push myself even harder to achieve my goal.

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Developer Learnings:

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