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Problem Statement  

How might we create a delightful experience for passionate Instagram users who value shared memories with friends and family, so that they can effortlessly find and relive cherished moments, share in experiences, and deepen connections through a seamless search option for specific posts within users' profiles?

Problem Background  

The core challenge addressed in our project is the passionate Instagram user's longing for a seamless search experience within users' profiles. This stems from their deep appreciation for the memories shared by friends and family on the platform, manifesting as a desire to effortlessly locate and relive specific posts. The opportune moment to tackle this issue has arrived as Instagram evolves into a multifaceted social media giant with a diverse user base. The escalating volume of content necessitates an efficient search and retrieval system. Prioritising this problem aligns with Instagram's commitment to user satisfaction and engagement, crucial for its ongoing success. 

Through user interviews, I delved into the frustration of users unable to quickly locate and share specific posts, emphasising the urgent need for such a feature. Given Instagram's substantial user base and ongoing growth, addressing this issue now is imperative to maintain the platform's user-centricity and competitiveness. The evident user demand for efficient post search, as reflected in behaviours and feedback, substantiates the significance of addressing this challenge promptly.

Research Insights

In the endeavour to gain a profound understanding of the issue, extensive research was conducted, involving 13 participants in an online survey. The insights obtained from this survey are invaluable in influencing the development of the Instagram search feature.

User Pain Points

  1. Difficulty in Quickly Locating Specific Posts: Users consistently express frustration at the lack of an efficient method to swiftly find and revisit particular posts within Instagram profiles.
  2. Hindrance in Sharing Cherished Content: The absence of a seamless search feature hampers users' ability to share meaningful content with others, hindering the sharing and reliving of cherished moments.
  3. Growing Frustration with Content Overload: As Instagram's content volume continues to increase, users are grappling with the challenge of content overload and the inability to efficiently search for and retrieve specific posts of interest.

Supporting Data

My research, spanning North America, the United Kingdom, and Nigeria, uncovered a significant user preference for Instagram feed posts (92%), yet a notable gap persists—69% of users engage more with Reels and Stories, highlighting the absence of an efficient search method. Five out of eleven users express a consistent wish to search for specific posts, underlining a prevalent need. While 75% of users exhibit no major concerns about privacy or usability, 25% express worries about content exposure in search results.

Landing on the Solution

The proposed solution to the problem of Instagram users' inability to search for specific posts within profiles is simply to introduce a user-friendly search feature. This feature will enable users to efficiently locate and access the content they cherish, inspiring deeper connections and engagement on the platform.

Future Steps

Given that Instagram is a robust application demanding substantial effort, and although my intention is not for an immediate implementation, I've decided not to proceed with this project. However, I am committed to continuing my journey in product management.


Product Manager Learnings:

Habeebat Odesanya

  • I learnt to prioritise understanding the problem over rushing to a solution; investing time in problem definition ensures we tackle the right challenges.
  • The program significantly honed my writing skills, empowering me to articulate ideas more effectively.
  • I also learnt that the constant pursuit of new skills provides a lasting advantage and leverage in various situations.
  • Furthermore, teamwork is pivotal; recognizing and leveraging the strengths of teammates is essential for success

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