A platform to help you to interact with others and be yourself in a fun and social environment. We aim to be all that social media has promised to give you but never managed to achieve.


Problem Statement  

How can we help the younger generations in having more social interactions?

Problem Background  

Today, social media has become ingrained in people’s lives. Young people spend hours of their daily routines on social media platforms, browsing others' profiles and watching short videos or more generally engaging with their own feed, in theory being more “connected” with their peers. However, in practice, this is not the case. According to recent studies, none of the time we spend on social media equates to making our lives more social, and in fact can often lead to isolation and feelings of loneliness. Social interactions, on the other hand, require face-to-face conversations and force us to actively engage in real-time conversation with other people - just like what would happen in a ‘town square’ environment.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Using an online survey we interviewed around 44 GenZers and Millenials to try to find if loneliness in younger generations was as prevalent as the studies seemed to indicate


Our preliminary user surveys seem to validate this problem and our 4 user interviews further confirmed it.

Landing on the Solution

Based on our target users’ pain points, we knew we wanted to work on a website where users can create or join groups to chat to other individuals in a fun and engaging community.

When creating a new group, a user may set the group to go live at a certain date or time in the future. The creator may then send invites to join our website and their future event to people outside.

Equally, people may create games (with an inbuilt editor) and then share these games inside of groups - these games may be things such as “2 truths and a lie”, “charades”, “taboo” etc.. All games will require active participation and social interaction between all users.


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Giovanni Roberto Franzan

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