SPRINT17 - Mobile App


Mobile application to empower and provide community to women seeking auto repairs, so they are not put into a position to be taken advantage of by auto professionals due to their gender.


Problem Statement  

“How might we reduce the number of women who are taken advantage of by mechanics”

Problem Background  

The car repair process is a daunting and universal pain. When something breaks down it is both an inconvenience and a multi-step process, requiring weeks to see repairs. Additionally, auto shops, private mechanics, and car manufacturers have earned the reputation of overcharging and trying to take advantage of uninformed customers, especially women. 

In 2012 Northwestern University students conducted a car quote experiment where they found on average women were quoted $13 more than their male counterparts for the same problem, and upwards to $200 more if they also appeared “poorly informed” (3)

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Conducted a combined 13 user surveys and user interviews. The questions were focused on their unique car repair experiences as women. 

We found that 83% of women have felt taken advantage of by auto repair professionals, and they contributed that to their gender [2].

100 % of the women considered themselves “novice” to auto repair and car maintenance [2]. They heavily rely on their fathers for support, and have to accept whatever an auto professional tells them as true, because they lack knowledge about their car.

Many of them felt “exhausted”, “frustrated”, and “disrespected” during their car repair process.


In addition, we found that about 75 % of participants do conduct research when they have a problem with their car, but they deemed it as a hassle because it wasn’t a centralised process. They had to use multiple search engines and manually cross reference the price of parts and service. After their research process they still weren’t sure if they were being charged fairly.  

Landing on the Solution

The solution to this problem is an app that educates and empowers women through their car repair process, while providing a safe space for them to share their experiences with other women.

Here’s the 3 Key App Features:


Product Manager Learnings:

Curtis Barber

I’ve learned that identifying the JTBD (job to be done) is the foundation to the product management process. Understanding what causes the customer “to hire” a product, enables me to focus on solving the most important problem. The problem space is my best friend now.

I’ve also learned that customer empathy plus collaboration is key. Understanding and respecting designers and developers' work style is the only way to deliver a great MVP. In the same way understanding and respecting the user’s pain points is the only way to produce a product that is useful.

Technically I was able to:

  • Determine a Problem Space
  • Conduct User Surveys & Interviews
  • Produce Research Synthesis Data
  • Create User Stories, Product Scenarios, & Acceptance Criteria
  • Produce Product Specification Document
  • Collaborate with other Product Managers

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

Developers Learnings:


Full Team Learning