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HairConnect is a dedicated app designed to address the challenges black women encounter in locating skilled hairstylists, overcoming the challenges identified in the hairstylist-seeking process.


Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

How might we make the experience of searching for hair stylists that specialise in black hair care more efficient and streamlined for black women. 

Problem Background  

Hair styling is an integral part of self-expression and cultural identity for black women. However, finding hairstylists understanding their needs, preferences, and budget, especially in Western countries like Canada, remains a challenge.  

Many black women encounter challenges when seeking suitable hairstylists, particularly those specialising in braids, locs, natural hair care, and other styles. The primary issue is due to lack of information (hairstyles offered), transparency (prices, portfolio, reviews) and professionalism on existing platforms. The current methods involve extensive time spent on digital platforms like Instagram, relying on word-of-mouth recommendations, or attempting self-styling. From the user research, 85% of participants faced challenges in finding hairstylists.  The identified problems include difficulties in finding reliable hairstylists due to issues such as budget constraints, inadequate information on platforms, and hairstylists lacking expertise in specific hair types and style. The need for a solution is underscored by the challenges reported by 85% of participants and the demand for a more streamlined, professional, and efficient search process. Our customers are primarily black women seeking hair stylists that specialise in black hair care. 

Research Insights & Supporting Data

User Pain Points

My primary research goal was to comprehensively understand how black women seek hairstylists and to pinpoint the challenges within this process. Engaging with 27 participants across Canada through surveys and interviews, the key findings unveiled crucial insights:

The primary sources for black women to find hair stylists ranked as follows: 1) Word of Mouth 2) Instagram 3) Google 4) TikTok, with the visual appeal of these platforms being the top reason for their preference. 

77% of participants experienced issues with these platforms, primarily due to: 1) Lack of displayed prices 2) Absence of a review system for hairstylists' work 3) Inadequate conciseness in information.

Furthermore, 85% of participants faced challenges in finding hairstylists, mainly related to: 1) Budget constraints 2) Stringent hairstylist policies 3) Hairstylists lacking knowledge and experience with specific hair types.

Regarding the duration of the hairstylist search process, 89% of participants recorded their experiences, where 29% took 2-3 weeks, 20% took a few days, and 13% required a couple of months.


Our initial user research, focused on validating challenges faced by black women primarily in Canada, highlighted the paramount importance of professionalism in hairstylist selection. The willingness to travel for over an hour is deeply rooted in the hairstylist's professionalism, communication style, and portfolio. A notable preference for home services over salon visits emerged consistently during interviews and was reinforced by specific survey responses. Intriguingly, word of mouth emerged as the predominant channel for discovering hairstylists, overshadowing the popularity of Instagram. These findings uncover unforeseen trends, providing a nuanced understanding of the diverse perspectives within the hairstylist-seeking journey.

Landing on the Solution 

In honing in on the challenges faced by our target users, I dedicated my efforts to crafting features that not only acknowledge but actively tackle their concerns. These encompass transparent pricing and reviews, detailed hairstylist portfolios, a thorough screening process for professionalism, and an intuitive search function based on location and preferred service (be it in-salon or home service). 

The meticulous selection of these features is geared towards not just creating a more efficient process but directly assuaging the fundamental pain points of our users. Looking ahead, we are committed to an ongoing dialogue with our users through post-launch surveys to ensure satisfaction. Recognizing the prominence of word-of-mouth recommendations, we aim to leverage user feedback, enhancing customer satisfaction and organically tapping into the influential realm of word-of-mouth referrals from one satisfied user to potential clients.

Explanation of Solution 

The solution “HairConnect” is an app that aggregates hairstylists' information, including their specialties, pricing, reviews, and portfolios, catering specifically to the needs of black women seeking hair services. The MVP for Hair Connect is dedicated to streamlining the hairstylist-search process for black women more seamlessly and efficiently. 

In the initial survey conducted among black women across Canada, I sought to gauge interest in a consolidated platform for hairstylist searches, eliminating the need for multiple platforms. An overwhelming 96.2% expressed interest in such an app, citing the appeal of a one-stop platform, convenience, practicality, and a structured review system. Participants were also asked to prioritize features, with 26.9% emphasizing search filters (location, style), another 26.9% valuing hairstylist work (portfolio and reviews), 23% prioritizing reviews and ratings from users, and 15.3% highlighting appointment booking and scheduling. Notably, features like secure payment, direct messaging, and notifications for promotions were deemed least important by 11.53% of participants. This insight provided clear guidance on addressing the key pain points for black women through the proposed solution of having a one stop app for black women seeking hair services.

User Flows/Mockups 

Future Steps

Moving forward, the next steps for this project involve a strategic and iterative approach to product development. The user insights gathered from surveys and interviews will be further analyzed to refine the design and functionality of the platform. Collaborating with a cross-functional team, we will work on prototyping and user testing to ensure the proposed features align seamlessly with user expectations. 

Additionally, efforts will be directed towards incorporating cutting-edge technology for the implementation of features such as transparent pricing, detailed hairstylist portfolios, and efficient search filters. Regular check-ins and feedback loops with the user base will be established to validate ongoing developments and refine the user experience continuously. 

Simultaneously, partnerships with hairstylists and salons will be explored to enhance the platform's service offerings and broaden its reach. As the project progresses, scalability considerations will be addressed to potentially expand the platform beyond Canada. 

Moreover, the team will actively engage in marketing and promotional activities to build awareness and drive user adoption. Through a phased and strategic approach, the goal is to create a comprehensive solution that not only addresses the identified pain points but also evolves to meet the dynamic needs of black women seeking hairstyling services.


Product Manager Learnings:

Seyi Odutola

Participating in the DTTP Product Management program, I honed my skills in crafting precise problem statements and conducting thorough research within specific domains. Employing in-depth customer discovery techniques, including interviews and surveys, I iteratively refined product specifications within the identified problem area—from defining the problem space, conducting user research, to synthesizing data and creating a draft, culminating in the final form of my Product Spec.

These refined skills I believe will be fundamental to my Product Management journey and career.

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