GanBARo is a social support platform that is designed to allow individuals to share their daily workout routines to their friends and family where they can follow each other’s fitness progress and will also give beginners the resources and different workout routines they can do to start their fitness journey. It is designed to engage users to be more active and keep each other accountable and motivated to continue their fitness journey.


Problem Statement 

How do we build a community for gym goers to motivate each other and share their own fitness journeys regardless of skill/experience level? 

Problem Background

The fitness community is growing bigger and more people want to start their fitness journey but a lot of these beginners find it difficult to stay consistent in their fitness routine. Research has shown that a lot of gym goers lose their motivation due to lack of time and confidence (42% and 27%). Losing motivation due to lack of time is understandable due to people with different schedules with work, school or other responsibilities, however, lack of confidence is something that can be worked on and can be improved over time.

This problem matters because it is difficult to stay consistent when starting a fitness journey especially when there are not enough resources on how to stay consistent, not enough workout resources that would actually work, and especially when starting a fitness journey alone. People often need a reason to start their fitness journey or to even stay consistent but it’s difficult to stay motivated and that is why it would be helpful to have a community who feels/felt the same way to make them feel less alone in going through their fitness journey. 

The ideal customers are individuals who are active gym goers who want to share their fitness journey with a community of other gym goers so they can motivate each other and  keep each other accountable in their fitness journey. 

Research Insights

According to a New York campaign research, there are many reasons as to why people skip working out:

  • 25% due to terrible weather 
  • 56% due to being too tired 
  • 35% due to having no motivation

However, the majority of respondents (69%) want to start their fitness journey to help quit their bad habits. People responded that some solutions that would help would be working out with friends (28%), someone who would keep them accountable such as a personal trainer (27%) and home workouts (45%). 

By conducting my own research through a survey and user interviews, there are a few different reasons as to why individuals struggle to stay consistent in their fitness journey:

  1. Lack of time
  2. Lack of fitness knowledge
  3. Lack of motivation
  4. Lack of confidence
  5. Other responsibilities/reasons

Survey and Interview Data Insights: 

  • 46.2% of the respondents answered that they have little fitness knowledge.
  • Users struggled with staying consistent and having motivation.
  • 40% of respondents answered that they lacked confidence. 
  • Users want to start a healthier lifestyle. 
  • 23.1% strongly agree that they need a partner to workout with.

Proposed Solution

Based on our target users’ pain points, we want to work on a solution where we provide a social support platform for gym goers where they can share their daily fitness routines and journey which will bring the fitness community together and promote a safe and encouraging environment through motivating each other throughout their fitness journey. The platform we want to work on would have the following features: 

  1. Creating their own customized profiles according to their fitness journey. 
  2. Following/connecting with other individuals.
  3. Posting their personalized workout that they’ve done for the day which will include: different types of exercises, workout routine (with detailed repetitions).
  4. Optional but definitely encouraged: Posting healthy diet and meal plans.  
  5. Enable users to look back at their fitness journey and reflect on their progress. 

Explanation of Solution

This platform will allow users to share their daily workout routines through a media platform where their friends can view, learn and follow. This social support platform will enable users to engage by following each other’s profiles where they can post their day-to-day exercise/workout routine with an added picture which will also give the user an option to react with a simple click that shows they’ve done the same workout for that day. 

Mock User Flows

Beginner Gym Goer User Flow

Experienced Gym Goer User Flow

Future Steps

In the future, we will collect feedback from users and how to address issues to better the product. Possible additional problems to address in the future:

  • How do we make sure that users will remain active and post their fitness journey?
  • How do users keep each other accountable on this social support platform?


Product Manager Learnings:

Brigette Adlawan

Co.Lab was a really interesting experience and I learned a lot in just a short amount of time. It was helpful to have supportive peers and mentors and I value the feedback that I’ve received from them. I learned that when ideating and building a product, it takes a lot of time and effort so that product can deliver what a user exactly needs. It is important to open your mind to others’ suggestions and important to remind oneself that a product is never perfect but it is a continuously evolving project.

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