Fitcount is a fitness app to help individuals plan out their workouts and track their food intake with AI. Fitcount also helps record workout plans and is able to recommend workouts based on the user's end goal. It also educates users on information about nutrition and food tracking.


Problem Space 

How can we make the process of recording workouts and diet more informative, organized, and efficient?

Problem Background  

In today’s fast paced world, people are increasingly struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to their busy schedules, lack of knowledge about proper nutrition and exercise, and the difficulty in tracking their fitness progress. Many individuals find it challenging to create and stick to a workout routine that aligns with their fitness goals, and they often struggle to find and understand accurate information on nutrition. 

Additionally, with the abundance of conflicting information about nutrition and exercise available online, people often feel overwhelmed and confused about what constitutes a healthy diet and exercise regimen. This often leads to ineffective workouts, poor nutrition choices, and overall lack of motivation to prioritize fitness in their daily lives. 

Furthermore, keeping track of workout routines, tracking progress, and monitoring nutrition intake can be cumbersome and time-consuming. People may struggle with tracking their exercise routines, remembering the number of sets, reps, weights used, and calculating the calories consumed and breakdown of their meals. As a result, many individuals fail to achieve their fitness goals and struggle to make meaningful progress towards a healthier lifestyle. 

This problem is further compounded by the lack of a comprehensive and user-friendly app that provides a solution for creating and tracking workouts while also offering reliable nutritional information. Existing fitness apps may focus on one aspect, such as exercise tracking or nutrition tracking, but lack integration between the two, making it challenging for users to have a holistic view of their fitness journey. 

Therefore, there is a pressing need for an all-in-one fitness app that addresses these challenges by providing a simple, intuitive and comprehensive solution for creating, tracking, and managing workouts while also offering reliable nutritional information. Fitcount would help users design effective workout routines tailored to their goals, track their progress, and provide them with accurate and personalized nutritional guidance to optimize their fitness journey. 

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Conducted a survey to obtain initial user data in regards how users track and plan their workouts and food intake while also uncovering pain points they have with current fitness apps. 

In the research, it was found that 70% of participants trust fitness blogs for information on fitness and health. It was also found that when participants try food tracking, most feel it's tedious and difficult to get accurate information on how to track their food intake. 

These findings confirmed the difficulty of finding accurate nutritional information has a negative impact on people’s fitness journey. 


Gathering information from users, we were able to agree on the one constant issue of time usage. It takes too much time trying to set up the best possible workout plan for your fitness goals all while also having to figure out your food intake. Having the necessary tools to build a personalized workout and meal plan will give gym goers a stress free fitness journey. 

Landing on the Solution

Based on the pain points of our potential users it was identified that the main pain point for most users was arriving late to their destination. 

Based on the pain points of our potential users, it was identified that the main pain point for most users was tracking their workouts in an insufficient way and not having accurate information when it comes to fitness and nutrition. 

This is what the solution plans to address to resolve altogether. The goal of the product is to be able to find accurate fitness nutrition, track and plan your workouts all in one place. 

Explanation of Solution

Fitcount helps individuals plan out their workouts and track their food intake with AI. Fitcount also helps record workout plans and is able to recommend workouts based on the user's end goal. It also educates users on information about nutrition and food tracking. 

Users will be able to plan and record their workouts through the Fitcount calendar where users can click the date for their workout and input in their workout plan. They also can set reminders to remind them about upcoming workouts or hitting their fitness goal. 

Once inputting their goals, users will be asked if they want information on nutrition or information on fitness (how to do workout, what workout is best for their goal, what medical professionals recommend).

The solution should enable users to be able to record and track their workout and food intake more efficiently while also receiving accurate information. This also allows users to receive detailed workouts based on their goals with videos. Users are also able to share their progress in socials, join community groups within the app, and export their data if needed. 

Future Steps

I plan to take my experience and lessons learned with this project to develop a new product with a team of designers and engineers. If in the future I am at a point where I have the time and resources to fully execute this, this is the product I’m excited about bringing to life. 



Product Manager Learnings:

Jennifer Gomez

  • As a product manager, I learned that it's important to focus on the problem and its pain points before jumping into a solution. 
  • I also learned how important it is to define your research and find common themes in your user stories. It helps you understand the urgency of certain pain points and help define the product’s success and growth. 
  • It is also important to create a plan with milestones so that you’re able to communicate your vision with the rest of your team.

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

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