Festa allows users to find music festivals and concerts while allowing them to purchase tickets directly from venues, organizers, or pier-to-pier.


Problem Statement  

Festa is an app designed to make it easy for anyone to quickly find, plan, and purchase tickets for their favorite music festivals and concerts all in a single application instead of searching all over the internet.

Problem Background  

With music festivals and concerts are on the rise, especially in the electronic music genre. Younger users (15 - 35) often look for upcoming shows for some of their favorite artists. In a survey I did, 89% of respondents say they have attended a music festival or concert within the last 6 months. What often happens is users have to search blogs, artist pages, venues, or just word of mouth on where to find these artists or shows. Additionally, users would have to go to different websites or apps such as Ticketmaster or Gametime to purchase tickets or purchase unused tickets from other users. Today, Ticketmaster and LiveNation dominate the ticketing world at venues in the US charging fees to users of up to 40% in addition to the cost of the ticket. This causes frustration among users, artists, and venues. In 2022, Taylor Swift US tour tickets went on sale in the US but could only be purchased through Ticketmaster. With built-up demand and a surge of customers, Ticketmaster’s servers crashed and oversold millions of tickets while also selling out of all tickets in a matter of seconds. If Festa was allowed to sell tickets directly to customers as well, more users would have been able to purchase tickets, rates would be lower, and users would have more options to purchase tickets instead of only Ticketmaster.

With the passing of the COVID-19 pandemic, users are now going out more to festivals to spend more time with their friends or just enjoying life in general by seeing their favorite artists. As venues start reopening fully with fewer restrictions and artists doing more tours, starting to develop such an application or website now would be great timing. We know the way users are currently finding their music festivals and concerts is by searching websites, blogs, Instagram, artist announcements, venue schedules, and word of mouth. These are all great resources but can be time-consuming and can be confusing when users have to align schedules with larger groups of people, or even their travel plans if applicable. With over  decades of no changes in how friends, family, and even music-goers go about finding music festivals, concerts, and purchasing tickets. The market has shown this to be greatly inefficient and leaves room to be improved.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Using user surveys, observations, and online forums. We have found the following pain points in users’ experiences when planning music festivals, concerts, and purchasing tickets.

  1. Having to purchase tickets only through Ticketmaster or event organizers 
  2. Having to physically meet users in-person to purchase unused tickets from pier-to-pier 
  3. Having to have multiple alerts on artist pages, even organizer pages, or venues to know when tickets go on sale 
  4. Having to have multiple web browser sessions open to try and buy tickets at the exact moment they go on sale to ensure they have purchased tickets
  5. Having to search the internet and word of mouth to know when and where music festivals and concerts are happening 
  6. No single source of information for music festivals or concerts 

Supporting Data

  • 89% of respondents say they have attended a music festival or concert within the last 6 months in a survey I conducted from users ages 18 - 35
  • 78% of respondents stated they found ticket fees were one of the biggest pain points
  • 89% of respondents stated website performance was an issue
  • 56% of respondents stated their event was 200+ miles away from their home location and not local to them, while 89% stated local events were within 10 miles of their home
  • 89% of respondents use a calendar application to keep track of all events they are attending for the year
  • 89% of users surveyed were Apple iOS users with 56% being Apple Mac users


In our research conducted, we found that users find purchasing tickets and planning their music festival season (Between March and October) and concerts frustrating. Users currently have workarounds such as forums and word of mouth

to find all of the music festivals and concerts, however, these workarounds take time away from users’ busy schedules and are not efficient. It is our belief that we can build a single source of information for all upcoming music festivals and concerts based on their desired region while giving them purchasing options for tickets. The target users will make the Festa application their go-to application for planning and purchasing their tickets for music festivals and concerts.

Landing on the Solution

After connecting user surveys and checking Facebook forums, we found providing a single source of all upcoming music festivals and concerts while giving the option to purchase tickets directly in the same location would be beneficial. We will need to build an MVP to showcase the following:

  1. Up to 20 music festivals and concerts in a specified region
  2. Focus only on a specific music genre at first, such as EDM
  3. Be able to purchase tickets directly from the Festa app from either the event organizer, venue, or pier-to-pier 
  4. Build a user profile page to input credit card, billing info, local region, and address information 

Wireframe and Mockup

Future Steps

  1. We learned customers use multiple avenues for finding music festivals or concerts with no single source of information 
  2. Customers would like to plan travel itineraries in a single location as well in the future 
  3. Users find only being able to use Ticketmaster as a roadblock when using venues such as Staples Center or TD Garden.
  4. Create community forums based on either genre or users stated region
  5. Build out Festa in the Co.Lab Product Manager program 


Product Manager Learnings:

Brannon Tucker

1. Impact of customer research and how to conduct user research

2. How to ask the right questions, not just “A” question

3. Writing a detailed spect while keeping the proper scope of the project

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

Developers Learnings:


Full Team Learning