Product Experience

Problem Space

Problem Statement  

How can drivers on Nigerian roads renew their driving license without being physically present at the licensing authority so that the process is easier and more effective?

Problem Background  

As is often the case in Nigeria, the driving license application process is fraught with numerous challenges. These range from the recurring demand to capture biometric data with every renewal application (compounded by frequent system downtimes) to the unsettling practice of officials soliciting tips before processing applications. Obtaining a driving license in Nigeria can be an arduous journey, sometimes taking as long as a year, even after fulfilling all the stipulated requirements. These challenges underscore the broader systemic issues that afflict many government and agency functions in Nigeria. In a country where many industries thrive through private ownership or government-private partnerships, DriveNG envisions innovative solutions that can liberate millions of Nigerians from the tiresome ordeal of renewing their driving licenses.

Unfortunately, for a lot of Nigerian statistics, there is a lack of reliable publicly accessible data to show the actual number of backlogs that exists because of biometric capture; it is however very easy to decern that there is a large systemic problem with every visit to any licensing authority office (where there are constant mountains of paperwork for applications yet to be attended to). From our independent research, we discovered that 88.9% of respondents had experienced delays in their driving license renewal application. 

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Using a simple question, we engaged respondents to understand the exact pain points they experience with the current system. We engaged 9 respondents and identified the following as the major pain points experienced.

  1. System / Equipment downtime
  2. Need For Physical Presence
  3. Long wait for collection
  4. Biometric Capture
  5. Extortion from officials

Supporting Data 

88.6% of people we spoke to mentioned they were unhappy with the current solution while 100% of respondents confirmed that they will much rather not be required to be physically present to renew their DL


Our research let us know the pain points of users and we were able to identify which we are able to address with the solution.

Explanation of Solution

DriveNG is a mobile and web app that aims to provide a solution that eliminates the bottlenecks experienced by drivers who wish to renew their driving license in Nigeria from anywhere in the world. The solution essentially aims to work as a custodian service that allows drivers to pull biometric data from other government identity management institution as well as other relevant information required to renew a DL and transmit this information to the issuing authority. We also aim to provide delivery services to eliminate the requirement for drivers to commute multiple times to the issuing authority office.

Future Steps

We learnt that customers are willing to pay a premium for a service that will completely be hands off and truly offer them the control regardless of location. 

We aim to provide delivery services to eliminate the requirement for drivers to commute multiple times to the issuing authority office. This will include both local and international delivery


Product Manager Learnings:

Bobby Enejo

My biggest learning point was the need to prioritize the problem and to engage in thorough user engagement because a lot of the time, the solution we imagine for the problem might not solve the problems that actual users experience. I have found that conducting user research removes bias and leads to better solutions.

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

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