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Cork discourages users from opening social media apps through physical device feedback.


Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement

Social media users need a way to reduce their social media usage to break their compulsive usage.

Problem Background  

Social media has become integral to modern lives for a few compelling and addictive reasons. Their ease of use and addictive nature have allowed social media to abuse our attention. Users lose time and energy to these platforms with no way to stop themselves from the next scroll except weary resolve. 

I want to help users gain control of their SM usage with Cork by discouraging users from opening social media apps after they exceed their preset number of daily uses.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

User want to overcome compulsive social media usage.

Supporting Data

Through user surveys and interviews, we learned that 85% of users are dissatisfied and 85% of users would like to reduce their social media usage from a frequency of 10+ times per day, 15+ minutes each use.


Users want to be discouraged from opening SM apps

Landing on the Solution

Users indicated that they are most likely to close a social media app due to changes in their physical environment. We want to make users aware of their actions as they open their social media app through physical stimuli so they can have a movement of realization and regain control over a compulsive action.

Explanation of Solution

At the time of setup, user will set the number of times they want to use social media apps in a day – the average from our research is 7 times per day.

After a user exceeds their set number of uses for the day, the next time user tries to open the social media app, their device will vibrate and flash its camera flash to let the user know they are performing an undesired action – to discourage them from performing that action.

Future Steps

Through Cork, I want to solve a problem that is progressively getting worse. I hope to keep working on this project and have an MVP ready by the end of January.

I hope to roll out the Alpha and test it with users, collect feedback and improve the product, eventually roll out the Beta.



Product Manager Learnings:

Ankit Ranjan

Co.Lab’s PM program encouraged me to think deeply about user issues through the JTBD framework. This gave me a structured approach to problem solving and got hands-on experience with one of the most important aspects of product management – understanding the problem.

I will continue thinking about building solutions and hope to keep sharpening my problem-solving abilities.

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

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