College Student Mental Health

We want to accomplish how we can develop a better lifestyle for these students such as in aspects of education, career, and personally too.

James Wei

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  
Mental health is the most common problem that college students face along a daily basis. Due to the numerous college students that are struggling to tackle this issue. It is significant to craft a step by step solution to assist college students to find a better way to overcome this challenge so that they can have a better college lifestyle.
Problem Background  

Since this product revolves around the challenge of college students, our target audience will mainly be from students. So the problem we are addressing will not consist of a wide target audience yet a small and specific one that we are primarily focusing on. The problem we are conveying is the mental health issues that college students face among general campuses. We should address this problem now because based on the article  

Mental Health Crisis on College Campuses summarizes they conducted a survey about college students mental health state and more than 90,000 students across 133 U.S campuses participated in the survey. Depicting these results signifies that mental health is a significant problem for college students and should be promoted as an awareness across college campuses.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Utilising various media platforms such as discord, instagram, and linked in. I received numerous results from many users that had generated diverse opinions upon this significant topic.

Supporting Data

Based on the survey that I conducted, the question that received the most attention was “Have you experienced any of the following illnesses?” (Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Substance Usage, Eating Disorder) Analysing the results the majority of the users selected were the most affected by stress. Second was depression by 60% and third was anxiety by 40%. Substance usage and eating disorder with 0%


Some feedback that I gained from my users that provided their stories on how they overcome the challenge of mental health issues is therapy, breaking things apart, and staying in touch with family and friends. These user stories can make great use into the implementation of the product because it can be the type of product that revolves around the topic of mental health where it sets daily reminders for college students to do the tasks they like doing, whether it be exercise, talking with family, or meditation. This product will give students a sense of satisfaction and help students in aspects of their education as well as their personal life.

Future Steps

Some additional problems to address is the generality of the topic since it doesn’t have a primary focus it could get a bit too broad. Also the scalability how scalable can this product be.


Product Manager Learnings:

Ryan Yoo

Thanks to Co.Lab I learned how to conduct User research and break it down into data that is most essential to support the topic that I am learning about. Also learned how to create a spec draft consisting of a problem statement that I am willing to solve and how we can craft a creative solution out of it.

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

Developers Learnings:


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