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E-commerce app that gives users the opportunity to promote and request meal prep services that will revolutionise the way users approach a meal plan service.


Problem Statement  

Many people are finding it difficult to keep up with a meal prep plan because it can create time constraints, lack of storage space in their refrigerator/freezer and often have inadequate resources/information to be successful.

Problem Background  

Healthy eating plays a vital role in our health and wellness journey. Eating healthy meals that are well-proportioned, helps with monitoring our caloric intake and prevents overeating. Being able to combine that with a balance of protein, complex carbs, and vegetables, will give us the boost we need to achieve our health and wellness goals.

According to an article called “Diet vs. Exercise: The Truth about Weight Loss” by Alia Hoyt, the author touched on a scientific study of a Hunter-gatherer tribe in Northern Tanzania compared to a Western male and female on their physical activity, metabolic and nutrition data. She explained that while “the physical activities from both sides are comparable, the hunter-gatherer tribe saw better results due to eating whole, natural foods”.

It further proves that regardless of our physical activity (exercise), we won’t see the results that we want due to our inadequate eating habits. Looking from an overall scope, we will end up struggling to achieve our health and wellness goals. 

An effective method that contributes greatly towards health and wellness is meal preparation, commonly known as meal prep. Meal prep is the practice of preparing meals within a given time frame or on an indefinite basis. Meal prep provides the correct portion size based on fitness and diet levels. It gives the user flexibility on eating the correct meal to provide balanced nutrition.

As it may sound great on paper, many people find it difficult to start and maintain a meal prep program in order to meet their health and wellness goals. A NY Post article titled “Americans are starting to get sick of cooking at home” by Allison Sadler stated that “55% of Americans felt fatigued while cooking during the pandemic” and “43% of people would like to spend less time in the kitchen.”

This study shows that cooking is not the most popular amongst many people even if it means fulfilling their fitness and health goals.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Based on 12 survey participants, I have found that user pain points included:

  • Time
  • Refrigerator/Freezer Space
  • Finding healthy recipe
  • Cooking
  • Freshness of the meal
  • Aversion to too many leftovers
  • All of the above

Supporting Data

Based on the challenges that users faced with meal prep:

  • 36.4% responded with time
  • 18.2% responded with refrigerator/freezer space
  • 9.1% responded with finding healthy recipes
  • 9.1% responded with cooking
  • 9.1% responded with freshness of the meal
  • 9.1% responded with aversion to too many leftovers
  • 9.1% responded with all of the above

Landing on the Solution 

Based on a user survey study of 12 respondents, I have found that the overwhelming pain points are based on time spent to prepare meals and a close second being refrigerator/freezer space.

I also found similar findings in the user interview segment where 4 out of 5 complained of time, while 3 out of 5 complained of refrigerator/freezer space in which the metrics were compiled from open-ended questions.

The first phase of the MVP spec would be to create a product that would solve the issue with time and food storage.

Future Steps

After receiving feedback during the user interviews and user survey, I found that building on the other pain points outside of the MVP build, will help to create solutions for later versions of the product.

The chunk of the pie chart representing 54% of the chart would be crucial for the development of the product in the long-term.


Product Manager Learnings:

Triston Watson

I’ve really enjoyed my time at Co.Lab. It was my first time going in depth about product management and how imperative the process is through the product development cycle. It poses many challenges/growing pains throughout the research process. Interviewing the right prospects is very important where you’ll receive more feedback and opportunities. It can also help to identify your target. 

The process of asking the right questions to a problem can bring out the pain points needed for my MVP build. It can also provide opportunities for future steps. The role of a product manager itself is crucial to any company regardless of industry and provides a backbone that stems from innovation and bringing ideas to life.

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

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