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"A comprehensive, user-friendly platform transforming the Canadian daycare landscape with real-time, location-based services."


Product Experience

Problem Space  

CareLink is designed to solve the critical issue of finding affordable, high-quality daycare in Canada, a challenge that has become more pronounced since 2020. The platform addresses the need for a centralized system that connects parents with reliable daycare providers.

Problem Statement  

“How might we streamline the process of finding and booking daycare services for Canadian families, ensuring quality and convenience?”

Problem Background  

The onset of the pandemic highlighted the deficiencies in the daycare system – lack of reliable information, absence of a unified platform for daycare discovery, and difficulties in verifying provider credentials. These challenges have had a significant impact on working parents' productivity and mental health.

Research Insights  

Our extensive research, including surveys and interviews, revealed a glaring need for a service that offers not just listings but also insights into daycare quality, real-time availability, and user reviews. Customer personas like Alex Timberlake, a busy professional, and Sarah Smith, a single parent, represent our primary user base, each with unique requirements for daycare services.

Supporting Data  

These personas underscore the diverse needs of our target audience, ranging from flexible hours to proximity to work or home. The data collected provides a comprehensive view of the existing market gaps and user expectations.


Feedback from early users, including parents and daycare providers, has been instrumental in shaping the platform. It highlighted the desire for a more transparent, efficient, and user-friendly way to find and book daycare services.

Landing on the Solution  

In response to these needs, CareLink offers a mobile app and optional web application. The service includes a robust search engine for daycare services, detailed provider profiles with credentials and real-time availability, and a user review system to ensure trust and transparency.

Explanation of Solution  

By analyzing user scenarios, CareLink has been tailored to facilitate easy discovery of suitable daycare options. Whether it's finding a facility with specific amenities, like outdoor play areas, or ensuring flexible pickup and drop-off times, CareLink provides a comprehensive solution.

User Flows/Mockups  

User flow designs and mockups have been meticulously crafted to ensure an intuitive and seamless experience. From initial search to booking and review, each step is user-friendly, addressing common pain points identified in our research.

Future Steps  

Future objectives include expanding the range of daycare services offered, incorporating additional features based on user feedback, and continuously enhancing the user interface. We are committed to evolving CareLink to meet the dynamic needs of Canadian families.


The portfolio will feature high-resolution images and screenshots showcasing the CareLink interface, user testimonials, and real-life scenarios of the app in use.



Product Manager Learnings:

David Adediji

“The journey of developing CareLink has been a profound lesson in balancing user needs with technological innovation. It underscored the importance of empathy and thorough research in creating solutions that make a real difference in people’s lives.”

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Developer Learnings:

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