CareConnect is an all-in-one healthcare app designed to simplify the patient experience. With features like medication reminders, appointment scheduling, and access to educational resources, CareConnect empowers patients to take control of their healthcare journey. Our app also integrates with healthcare systems to provide seamless access to medical records and enable communication with healthcare providers. CareConnect is the ultimate solution for patients who want to stay on top of their health and make informed decisions about their care.


Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

How might we design and develop a mini app that can help patients bridge the gap in care by providing them with easier access to healthcare services, more information about their care options, and a platform for communication with healthcare providers.

Problem Background  

According to a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine in 2019, up to 90% of patients experience barriers in accessing healthcare services. These barriers include difficulties with scheduling appointments, navigating healthcare systems, and managing medications. Despite advances in healthcare technology, many people still face challenges accessing and navigating healthcare services. This is especially true for those seeking primary healthcare services, managing chronic conditions, and coordinating care with multiple healthcare providers. In addition, medication non-adherence and lack of access to educational resources related to healthcare are common problems that can lead to poor health outcomes and increased healthcare costs.

To address these challenges, we are developing CareConnect, a mini app that aims to improve access to healthcare services, enhance medication management, and provide educational resources related to healthcare. By leveraging technology, we hope to empower individuals to take control of their health and connect with healthcare providers in a convenient and effective manner.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Based on user interviews and surveys, we identified the following user pain points in the healthcare system: long wait times for appointments, difficulty accessing medical records, and limited communication with healthcare providers.

Supporting Data

In a survey of 500 participants, 76% reported waiting more than 30 minutes for a scheduled appointment, while 40% reported waiting more than an hour. Additionally, 60% of respondents reported having difficulty accessing their medical records, with 25% stating they had no access at all. Finally, 80% of respondents reported feeling that they had limited communication with their healthcare providers outside of appointments.


Our user research with a sample of 100 healthcare consumers in the United States found that 90% of participants reported experiencing at least one of the identified pain points. Furthermore, 75% of participants reported being interested in a solution that would address these pain points and improve their healthcare experience.

Landing on the Solution

Based on our target users' pain points, we knew we wanted to work on the following features: easy appointment scheduling with healthcare providers, access to medical records, medication reminders, educational resources, and access to nearby healthcare services. We also wanted to ensure seamless communication between patients and healthcare providers through secure messaging and telemedicine features.

Explanation of Solution

After we showcased our prototype to the users, we learned that the appointment scheduling feature was the most valued by our users, as it provided a convenient and time-saving solution to their healthcare needs. Additionally, the access to educational resources was highly appreciated, as it allowed users to learn more about their health conditions and make informed decisions about their healthcare. Finally, the medication reminders were found to be useful by users who had multiple medications and struggled to keep track of them.

User Flows/Mockups

  • The user opens the CareConnect app and logs in using their account credentials.
  • The user is presented with a dashboard that shows their upcoming appointments, recent medical activity, and medication reminders.
  • If the user needs to schedule a new appointment, they can tap on the "Schedule Appointment" button on the dashboard.
  • The user can search for healthcare providers by location, specialty, or name. They can also filter search results by insurance accepted and availability.
  • Once the user finds a provider they want to book an appointment with, they can select an available time slot and confirm the appointment.
  • The user can view their scheduled appointments on the dashboard and receive reminder notifications leading up to the appointment.
  • If the user needs to refill or manage their medications, they can tap on the "Medications" tab on the dashboard.
  • The user can view a list of their current medications, set up reminders for taking each medication, and request refills from their healthcare provider.
  • If the user has any questions or concerns, they can use the app's messaging feature to communicate with their healthcare provider or contact customer support.

Future Steps

Based on our research insights and user feedback, we have identified several potential future steps to continue improving our product and addressing additional pain points for our target users. Some of these potential steps include:

  • Conducting more user testing and feedback sessions to refine our current features and identify additional pain points and user needs
  • Exploring partnerships with healthcare providers and insurance companies to integrate our app with their systems and provide additional benefits to our users
  • Expanding our app's features to include more comprehensive medication management tools, such as drug interaction alerts and refill reminders
  • Investigating additional ways to provide educational resources and support for users managing chronic conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension.

We believe that these potential future steps will help us continue to innovate and improve our product, providing greater value to our users and helping them better manage their health and wellness

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PM’s Learnings

Co.Lab was a very interesting experience for me because 

  • I learnt to always put my users first.
  • I learnt to always try to understand the problem I am trying to solve for my users first before diving into a solution.
  • I learnt to continuously gather feedback and data to inform my decisions, and also to  stay open to learning and adapting my approach as I proceed.


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