Buckety is a local experience app designed to help users organize and explore activities in their area. It allows users to create and share a bucket list of experiences both for solo adventures and group outings with friends. Users can mark off completed experiences, share pictures, and rate their adventures, making it a fun and engaging platform for exploring local attractions and creating memorable moments.


Product Experience

Buckety is a local experience app designed to help users organize and explore activities in their area. It allows users to create and share a bucket list of experiences both for solo adventures and group outings with friends. Users can mark off completed experiences, share pictures, and rate their adventures, making it a fun and engaging platform for exploring local attractions and creating memorable moments.

Buckety aims to:

Motivate people to try new experiences in their community: Encourage users to step out of their comfort zone and explore local attractions and activities.

Effortlessly plan and coordinate new adventures and outings with friends and family:

Simplify the process of organizing group activities, making it convenient for users to enjoy experiences with their loved ones.

Offer personalized recommendations, as well as discounted experiences: Provide tailored suggestions to users based on their interests and preferences, along with opportunities to save on experiences.

Organize and save new ideas into a bucket list: Enable users to create and manage their personal bucket lists, making it easy to keep track of desired experiences.

Rate, review, and reflect on past experiences: Allow users to check off activities in their “Bucket List” and share images and videos, as well as their thoughts and feedback on completed activities, contributing to the community's knowledge base.

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

Individuals often struggle to find and organize new local experiences that align with their interests and preferences. The abundance of options and lack of a centralized platform make it challenging to discover and plan “bucket-list” activities efficiently.”

“How might we simplify the process of discovering and sharing local entertainment, experiences, and activities for individuals looking to try new experiences with their friends, overwhelmed by information overload, enabling them to effortlessly curate personalized lists, efficiently narrow down their options, and connect with like-minded peers in their community, thus facilitating the fulfillment of their bucket list activities”?

Problem Background  

Imagine this: It's a sunny Saturday afternoon, and you find yourself with a few hours of free time. You want to do something exciting, but you're stuck in the 'I-don't-know-what-to-do' dilemma. (That's where Buckety swoops in to save the day, like your trusty sidekick for local adventures!)

In today’s fast-paced world, we often find ourselves drowning in a sea of choices, especially when it comes to discovering and planning new local activities online. The abundance of options and the lack of a centralized platform make this process not just challenging but often overwhelming. On top of this, users often only see what’s “trending” over personalized activities and experiences on the feed of common social platforms. And a lot of the times, the experiences shown on users' feeds tend to be quite costly, “over-hyped”, far and unattainable. In a social environment that is increasingly connected yet sometimes feels disconnected, 'Bukety' is the bridge that brings people together through shared experiences.

Research Insights

We conducted extensive research, through an online survey and 1-1 user interviews, aimed to gain a better understanding of user behavior and uncover pain points when it comes to discovering new experiences in their area and crossing them off their bucket list with friends.

While social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube serve as vibrant spaces for users to discover, share, and save local recommendations, their efforts encounter limitations in achieving a comprehensive and organized experience. With approximately 90% of users relying on these platforms, the challenge lies in the fragmented nature of information dissemination. Recommendations, often buried in endless feeds or relegated to folders, become challenging to retrieve when needed. Additionally, the reliance on group chats leads to a dispersed collection of valuable suggestions, making it easy for ideas to get lost in the digital noise. This is evident in the research and data gathered, with at least 86% of users reporting feeling frustrated by unfulfilled adventures and missed opportunities. 'Buckety' steps in as the missing link, offering a unified platform where users can seamlessly list and organize their local discoveries. It's a one-stop-shop, eliminating the frustrations associated with scattered recommendations, ensuring that every gem of an idea is easily accessible and never fades into digital oblivion

Through the conducted online survey and an additional three 1-1 user interviews, our research amongst a total of 13 millennials in Canada, uncovered the following key findings and pain-points:

1.   Overwhelming options: The majority of participants expressed frustration with the sheer number of options available when searching for local experiences. Over 75% found it difficult to filter through the noise and identify activities that matched their interests.

2.     Lack of personalization: Over 65% of participants highlighted the need for personalized recommendations based on their specific interests and preferences. They felt that existing platforms often failed to provide tailored suggestions, leading to a lack of engagement and satisfaction.

3.     Limited organization tools: 100% of participants struggled with organizing their chosen activities efficiently. They expressed a desire for a centralized platform or “one-stop shop” that would allow them to save, categorize, and plan their experiences in a user-friendly manner.

4.     Social connection: Several participants during the 1-1 interviews mentioned the importance of connecting with like-minded individuals who share similar interests. They expressed a desire for a platform that facilitates social interaction and enables them to discover activities recommended by others.

Landing on the Solution 

Landing on the solution for 'Buckety' was a journey fueled by a deep understanding of the problem space and a commitment to creating a transformative experience. Through extensive research and user feedback, the features of 'Buckety' organically evolved, each addressing a specific pain point faced by our users. The process was collaborative, involving not just my insights but a collective effort to streamline local exploration. The app's features, from personalized recommendations and efficient filtering to the captivating 'Capture & Conquer' functionality, were born from a fusion of creativity, user-centric design, and a dedication to simplifying the discovery and sharing of local experiences. 'Buckety' is more than a solution; it's a testament to the power of thoughtful problem-solving and user-focused innovation.

Explanation of Solution

The 'Buckety' solution is a harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication, meticulously crafted to resonate with the needs of our users. Its user-friendly interface empowers individuals to effortlessly curate personalized lists, coordinate outings with friends, and fulfill their bucket list activities. The personalized recommendations leverage advanced algorithms, ensuring that each suggestion aligns with the unique preferences of the user. The innovative 'Capture and Conquer' feature serves not only as a practical tool for marking conquered activities but as a visual storytelling mechanism, turning a simple calendar into a vibrant journey through local exploration.

In addition, users can plan and explore the type of activity that best suits their intention for the day. Whether it's a solo adventure, date night, or a group outing, 'Buckety' offers a niche-based approach. From culinary delights to vibrant nightlife activities, the app dynamically pulls up places and suggestions in your community that you might not have known existed prior. What's even better is that 'Buckety' also curates discounted experiences, making it a seamless and convenient way to discover and enjoy hidden gems in your local area.

Lastly, the in-app calendar and chat functionalities enhance the planning process. 'Buckety' keeps you on track by sending timely notifications, prompting you to plan and get ready for your upcoming outings. The integrated calendar ensures that your activities are seamlessly organized, while in-app chats facilitate easy communication with friends, fostering collaboration and making the coordination of plans a breeze. With 'Buckety,' every step of the local exploration journey is not just simplified but also enhanced, ensuring that you never miss a moment of the experiences that matter most.

User Flows/Mockups

Future Steps

Looking ahead, our future steps and goals are deeply informed by what we've learned from speaking with customers. Their enthusiasm for 'Buckety' is palpable, and their invaluable feedback we've gathered has illuminated areas for enhancement and new possibilities to explore. Some additional problems to address include streamlining the process of discovering and coordinating events with friends even further, as well as introducing innovative features that cater to evolving user needs. Our next steps involve incorporating this feedback, refining 'Buckety' to ensure it seamlessly integrates into the daily lives of our users, and launching a pilot phase to gather real-world insights. As we navigate this exciting journey, our ultimate goal is to continuously evolve and refine 'Buckety,' making it the go-to platform for anyone seeking a personalized, convenient, and enriching local exploration experience.


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