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A web platform for small event planners that allows for ease of collaboration and teamwork which will lead to successful events because of collective efforts from varieties of talents and resources.


Product Experience

Problem Space

Problem Statement  

Event planners need a means to collaborate with other event teams and vendors because it grants them access to expertise, additional resources, and the ability to leverage established relationships with vendors and venues.

Problem Background  

           In today's dynamic event planning industry, event planners face a growing demand for seamless collaboration with various event teams and vendors. This collaborative approach has become essential because it not only offers event planners access to invaluable expertise but also opens opportunities to tap into additional resources.

Moreover, by forging strong connections and leveraging established relationships with vendors and venues, event planners can ensure the success of their events and enhance the overall experience for their clients. This evolution toward greater collaboration within the event planning sphere is driven by the recognition that it is no longer a solitary endeavour; instead, it is a collective effort that brings together a myriad of talents and resources to create unforgettable experiences.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

During interviews conducted with small business event planners, the following pain points were identified:

  • The process of considering various vendors for an event can be time consuming and potentially overwhelming for clients. The researching and decision-making process may present challenges in terms of evaluating and choosing the most suitable vendors for the event
  • Collaborating with various stakeholders, including clients, vendors, and event teams, suggests a complex coordination process
  • Identified challenges in collaboration, such as budget constraints, divergent creative visions, and logistical issues, highlight potential areas of stress and conflict for clients during the planning process
  • Collaboration is acknowledged as crucial for success, the need to collaborate with multiple vendors and teams may imply a lack of comprehensive in-house resources and expertise. Small businesses might face challenges in managing and coordinating these external resources effectively
  • Establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with vendors and venues is crucial for efficiency. However, for clients new to the industry, this process may pose challenges, as it requires time and effort to build trust and favorable terms with vendors
  • The need for clear communication, shared understanding, and effective conflict resolution strategies suggests that collaboration challenges are common. Clients might anticipate or experience difficulties in navigating these challenges

Future Steps

I intend to take my experience and lessons with this project to develop the product with a team of designers and engineers in the future when I have the resources to fully execute the platform.


Product Manager Learnings:

Temi Asa

As a product manager, I learnt the importance of focusing more on the problem space than the solution

I also learnt that as a product manager, I’m the customer representative by using my understanding of customer pain points in the development of a product within the dev team

I learnt that solutioning of a problem space should be discussed as a team to gain an holistic view of if the product will solve the issue its supposed to

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

Developers Learnings:


Full Team Learning