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Africart Express

Africart Express is a tech-driven solution catering to Canadians of African descent, providing instant, convenient, and affordable access to a wide range of authentic African groceries. The digital platform aims to simplify the grocery shopping experience, addressing key pain points identified through comprehensive user research.


Product Experience

Problem Space

E-commerce/Grocery delivery

Problem Statement:

How might we make African grocery shopping instant, convenient, accessible, time-efficient, and affordable for Africans living in Canada (students and new immigrants), particularly within urban cities?


Africart Express empowers individuals of African descent in Canada to access their essential groceries conveniently and affordably. The platform brings together local African stores, offering a diverse selection of products to enhance accessibility and redefine the grocery shopping experience.


The digital age and increasing migration to Canada underscore the need for convenient grocery solutions. Africart Express addresses this by unifying local stores, focusing on convenience, affordability, and a tailored shopping experience.

Research Insights:

Conducted extensive surveys targeting Canadians of West African descent, revealing critical pain points in traditional grocery shopping.

Identified key user personas and their preferences, guiding the development of user stories and scenarios.

Landing on the Solution:

Based on target users' pain points, Africart Express will prioritise features enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Explanation of Solution:

Africart Express aims to provide instant delivery of African groceries, simplifying and redefining the grocery shopping experience for Canadians of African descent. It addresses the inconvenience and high prices faced during in-store shopping.


Provide instant delivery of African groceries.

Simplify and redefine the grocery shopping experience.

Ensure convenient, instant, and affordable access.

Promote competition among local African stores.

User Stories:

Easily find and purchase essential African grocery products online.

Access a wide variety of fresh produce, spices, and other African grocery items.

Receive African groceries through an instant delivery service.

Proposed Solution:

A digital platform aggregating local African stores, offering authentic African groceries for instant online procurement with an instant delivery service.


Product Manager Learnings:

Jadesola Surakat

Co.Lab provided valuable insights through the lectures and resources. I particularly found the templates for submission very helpful. 

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