COLAB27 - Web App


A web app empowering users to effortlessly plan, track, and share personalized itineraries for seamless organization and collaboration during their adventures.

Product Discovery 

Our journey began with a fundamental question:

why does travel planning remain such a daunting task despite all the tools and resources out there?

Recognizing this gap in the market, we set out to explore the root causes behind the stress of trip planning. As a traveler lover myself, it was easy to put myself in the shoes of a user.

Research Insight & User Pain Points

We discovered that planning a trip as a group can often present challenges, sometimes detracting significantly from the enjoyment of the process. In our interviews with five users to gauge their preferences for organizing trips with friends, we uncovered some enlightening trends.

Most notably, groups tend to appoint a single main planner, with others contributing sporadically. Yet, this central planner frequently struggles to align everyone's preferences and to gather timely feedback before making necessary reservations.

Surprisingly, we also identified budget planning as a common hurdle. While travelers are generally price-conscious, maintaining a budget proves difficult, as the tendency to indulge often leads to post-trip regrets about overspending.

Key Themes Identified:

🌟 One person takes charge of planning while the rest of the group contributes

🌟 Trip planners often struggle to gather and accommodate group preferences

🌟 Travelers struggle to have a good budget system and tend to overspend

🌟 No single planning tool that sufficiently meets all the needs of group travel planning

Journey Map



After synthesizing our research findings and distilling key insights, we embarked on the journey to conceptualize TripHub. Our solution is more than just a travel planning tool – it's a comprehensive platform designed to improve trip coordination and budget management.


Our first main feature is the Dashboard. Here, users can easily access all their planned trips, whether they're upcoming adventures or memorable past journeys.

Next up, we have the Itinerary Tracker. With this feature, users can create detailed itineraries for their trips, including activities, budgets, and more. It's like having a personal travel planner right at your fingertips.

And finally, we've incorporated powerful Collaboration Features. Users can invite friends to join their trips and interact with each other by liking or leaving comments, making trip planning a truly collaborative experience.

Future Steps

While we have decided not to proceed with the project at this time, our journey has been rich with insights and learnings that will undoubtedly inform future endeavors. Although TripHub may not have reached the complete product we envisioned, the knowledge gained throughout the development process remains invaluable. Rather than viewing this decision as an endpoint, we see it as an opportunity to redirect our focus and resources towards a journey with greater potential for impact and success.


Product Manager Learnings:

Amal Suleiman

Emphasize collaboration, foster flexibility within teams, and adopt agile methodologies for great functioning responsive software teams.

Designer Learnings:

Gary Gao

From the program, I gained insights into feature prioritization for product development. Despite having numerous promising ideas, time constraints required us to focus on high-impact features.  

Additionally, collaborating with a team consisting of a product manager and two developers was an enriching experience. Together, we navigated the complexities of product development, leveraging each team member's expertise to drive progress effectively.

A final takeaway for me was the significance of an iterative approach. It is important to involve the team at every stage of product development and seek early feedback.

Developer Learnings:

Olaitan Adedokun

Communication has been key, especially when collaborating with teams from different cultures and time zones.

It's been challenging, but rewarding. I've learned to navigate cultural differences, overcome language barriers, and embrace diverse perspectives.

Despite logistical challenges, clear and consistent communication has strengthened the team bond, fueled creativity, and drive us towards success.

Developers Learnings:

Opeyemi Oduyemi


I learned to build with people. I have mostly worked solely on projects. Most times, make decisions without waiting on others.

Full Team Learning

The team learned that effective collaboration, adaptability, and adherence to agile methodologies are essential for navigating challenges and achieving success in dynamic environments.