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Co.Laborators have said...

Taking the class with others means that I can learn and share at the same time. Having those pauses to share and learn by doing is really helpful for me.



I love the freedom to move at your own pace as a group so we can truly understand what's going on before moving forward compared to a live class where it's just go go go!



What I like the most is learning live with a group of people. It's really great to hear from different perspectives and personalities.



Co.Lab does a very good job of taking the best of in-person classes and applying that to an online format through conversations with people in a moment in time while learning is happening.



I like that I get to stay engaged. It's fun taking courses with someone else and knowing that you are accountable to others. It felt like a game but it was a learning environment.



It feels more personal in a small group compared to a large zoom class where everyone has their camera's off and is disengaged.



You have other people who are also going through the class and you can bounce ideas off each other & ask questions without the pressure of the instructor present which makes it a comfortable space.



I have the chance to collaborate and ask questions to my peers which helps me assimilate what I'm learning better. There is no feeling that you're being left behind or lost in class.



It's a hybrid solution to self-paced online learning because you also have others with you which helps with the motivation to take the courses at the scheduled time.



I'm not just learning by myself but also learning with others and getting their perspective and what they've gathered from the class. Because it's a smaller setting, I learn better that way.



Our 550+ Learners have Landed Jobs at...

Build your Own Product

Gain experience that will help you stand out, and learn in a hands-on manner
with mentorship, community, and industry support

PM fundamentals

Get information on best practices and agile methodologies applicable to today’s changing landscape.

Tech team match

Lead a team across Design and Engineering to ship a working minimum viable product (MVP).

Weekly mentorship

Learn directly from the best. Work with a dedicated Project Mentor with real-world industry experience.

Hands-on experience

Stand out from other online PM bootcamps. Learn with and from your fellow Co.Laborators.

Build your network

Form working relationships at depth with your cross-discipline peers, fellow product people, & mentors.

Product showcase

Get all your submissions ready to publish your team-based Project Portfolio. Show it off to the world!

Get Advice from Industry Leaders

Get mentorship from product management experts with key experience shipping impactful SaaS and digital products


Director of Product


Product Manager II


Sr. Product Manager


Sr. Product Manager


Product Manager


Product Manager

End to End Product Management Experience


4 Weeks

Learn PM fundamentals paired with hands-on learning, with accountability, resources, community and mentorship.

COLAB Bootcamp

8 Weeks

Take your learnings from the SPRINT program and get matched with a team of software engineers and a UX designer to build out your MVP. Gain experience that will make you stand out by working as a product manager to ship a product to actual customers.

week 1
week 4
week 12


Learn Product Management

Want something hands-on? Check out our
Product Management Ideation Sprint Program.


Learn Product Management Fundamentals

Gain information on best practices in today’s changing Product Management landscape. Understand the importance of product discovery and all the work that happens before the execution stage in the product life cycle.


Build Out a Product Management Portfolio

Outline your goals and findings in the format of a standard Product Requirements Document or Product Spec. Share your efforts to future hiring managers and recruiters as part of your Product Management Portfolio.


Brainstorm, Ideate, and Conduct Customer Discovery

Conduct proper user research; talk to customers, understand their challenges, and validate your theories. Build your ability to develop valuable problems and validate your ideas.


Network and Get Feedback from Industry Professionals

Attend intimate fireside chats with industry pros in the product space. Plus, get tangible feedback on your individual work from Product Management experts.


4 Weeks


2-5 Hours / Week

Live online sessions


7:00pm - 8:00pm EST
Hands-on learning with mentorship
Published PM Portfolio on our website
Hybrid-live & cohort-based

Next Sprint Cohort

March 20
4 Weeks


7:00pm - 8:00pm EST
I'M ready to Enroll

Enrollment Includes

All our programs provide you with
Hands on learning by doing curriculum taught by product leaders
Project based tangible experience you can show employers
Mentorship to boost your confidence through community and collaboration

“Co.Lab has given me much more confidence in my general skillset and has helped me get a leg up in even my organization skills. It also gave me leadership experience that coming into the program I wasn't sure I'd be able to step into. It also is taking me one step closer to transitioning into the role of a PM.”

Rachel Siu

“Before Co.Lab, I was trying to memorize the product management frameworks for APM interviews. Now I truly understand the method to creating empathetic solutions for users because of Co.Lab learnings.”

Jensine Mattis

“The practical experience is highly unique to Co.Lab and not something offered in other bootcamps. It's a kind and welcoming environment where I felt challenged without feeling pressured or like I was being judged for my inexperience.”

Ashley Ahmed

“I got everything that I wanted to get out of Co.Lab plus more! I feel like I learned so much about being a product manager and how to ship a product in an agile environment. And above that, I got to connect with so many passionate techies and I received so much support. It was an amazing experience!”

Frances Untalan


Senior Product Manager at Microsoft

We worked closely with our target customers, and actually built a product they loved. I feel like this program probably changed my life. And I feel like it could potentially change yours as well.

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Get Started with the Sprint Program

We provide multiple tuition payment options

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Pay upfront and save

One time payment

Payment Plan available

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After completing the Sprint program, you can get the chance to continue with the Co.Lab program

Want to take your learnings further? 

The Sprint Program is a pre-requisite to joining the Co.Lab Bootcamp.

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Get Started with the Ideation Sprint

Get rid of imposter syndrome and prove you have what it takes
to become a Product Manager, regardless of your background

4-week, remote-friendly program
Weekly live sessions with mentors
2-5 hours of solo & group work per week
Tangible published PM Portfolio 
Option to build your idea with a team
Price: $500 USD (installments available)


Build an MVP with a Team

Get matched with a team and build out your idea into a shippable product that people can use. You get to be in the driver's seat and act as a Product Manager to lead a cross functional team to build an MVP for customers. With this hands-on training, you complete the cycle of software product discovery and execution.

Not Your Average Product Bootcamp

Get practical, hands-on experience as a Product Manager with our 8-week, part-time online training program


Get ready to meet your team of two Software Engineers and a UX Designer who you'll be collaborating with to build an MVP for customers.


Start strong in the online bootcamp with a project kick-off session. Align everyone on the team with the same vision.

STEP 3: BUild & COllaborate

Lead your team through the entire software development lifecycle: planning, designing, and building.

step 4: end strong with real-world experience

Show off your completed Product Portfolio. Celebrate all your new product management skills and connections!


8 Weeks


15-20 Hours/Week

Live online sessions


6:30-8:30pm EST


6:30-8:30pm EST
Build a functional MVP with a team
Get dedicated 1-on-1 mentorship
Gain tangible real-world experience

We worked closely with our target customers, and actually built a product they loved. I feel like this program probably changed my life. And I feel like it could potentially change yours as well.

Ayo - Co.Lab Product Management Alum
Senior Product Manager at Microsoft

Showcase your Product Portfolio

Let your work speak for you in front of hiring managers and recruiters

We worked closely with our target customers, and actually built a product they loved. I feel like this program probably changed my life. And I feel like it could potentially change yours as well.

Ayo - Co.Lab Product Management Alum
Senior Product Manager at Microsoft

We worked closely with our target customers, and actually built a product they loved. I feel like this program probably changed my life. And I feel like it could potentially change yours as well.

Ayo - Co.Lab Product Management Alum
Senior Product Manager at Microsoft



Co.Lab was the crux of making the pivot quick and painless for me. I began interviewing for Product Manager roles a few weeks into Co.Lab, and during the interviews I used specific examples from my experience at Co.Lab to show my product skills.

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Hear from Past Product Managers

On how they went from feeling imposter syndrome to inspiring others with their stories - are you next?

Apply as a Product Manager


Product Management Program

June 19 - August 14

  • Self-guided PM course
  • Live classes & workshops
  • Full team match
  • Two industry mentors
  • Community & network
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July 17 - September 11
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Learn on your own time
Over 16 hours of video classes
Cover basics of product management
Tactical next steps and suggestions
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Co.Laborator experiences

Explore some of our Co.laborator stories and journeys

Get Product Management Experience


Aug 7 - Sep 1 2023

4 week Sprint Program

Sept 18 - Nov 10 2023

8 week Co.Lab Bootcamp


Sep 11 - Oct 6 2023

4 week Sprint Program

Oct 23 - Dec 15 2023

8 week Co.Lab Bootcamp

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See how the Co.Lab PM program compares amongst the industry's best Product Management bootcamps

PM Certificate

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For experienced PMs

1:1 Mentorship

Work with Designers & Engineers

Ship a real MVP





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