Smarter Product Series
Focus on Product Management soft skills. Learn how to leverage active listening, empathy, personal branding — and be a 'Smarter' Product Manager.

- 6 days of email course content
- 18 downloadable and shareable illustrations
- 35+ free product management resources
- 12+ linked additional readings
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Why is Active Listening the most important soft skill?
➠ Balancing the scale of attention and response
➠ Tips to listen with intentionality
DAY 2: 
Harnessing Empathy to get further up the career ladder
➠ Cognitive v. Affective Empathy
➠ Utilizing Empathy in your Career
DAY 3: 
Adapt or get left behind. Personal Branding is here to stay
➠ Laying the foundations for Personal Branding
➠ The concept of 'Building in Public' and levelling up your brand
DAY 4:
Yeah, Googling is a skill. And it's more important than you think
➠ Most used Google Search Operators and how to utilize them
DAY 5: 
Settling the debate - should Product Managers learn how to code?
➠ Pros & Cons for Product Managers learning code
➠ Explaining with the Product Architecture Analogy
DAY 6: 
Hear ye, hear ye .. our AI overlords are here?
➠ Should your product have AI?
➠ Is AI worth the hype?