Intro to Product Management Series
Learn about the Product Mindset, PM focus areas, differences of Product Management (vs. Project & Program management), in this introductory course to the PM role.

- 5 days of email course content
- 3 downloadable and shareable illustrations
- 35+ free product management resources
- Guided weekly activities for learnings application
Co.Lab graduates have landed roles in top tech companies like:
How to leverage a product mindset in your current day-to-day
➠ Understand the core principles of a product mindset
➠ Bring these insights into your own life
DAY 2: 
Product vs Project vs Program Management
➠ Understand the different Ps that precede manager
➠ Decide which one is right for you
DAY 3: 
What's your PM leadership style?
➠ Differentiate leadership styles that PMs adopt to get things done
➠ Methods to enhance efficiency, manage risks, and foster effective communication
DAY 4:
Focus Areas for Product Managers - can a single PM do all of these things?
➠ Learn about the varying focus areas for product managers and leaders
➠ Decide which responsibilities are most interesting to you
DAY 5: 
Where do you go from here?
➠ Where to go from here in terms of your learning
➠ Learn different tips to accelerate your shipping experience