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Engaging online courses, facilitated by your peers
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Learn together in intimate groups

Watch course content live with other students, progress as a collective, and learn with, and from, one another!

Stay engaged & learn by doing

Actively learn by live discussions. Apply what you learn through activities, and get instant feedback from peers.

Build connections and friendships

Learn in a safe environment, meet like-minded peers, and get rewarded as you participate and engage with others.

Student compliments

Taking the class with others means that I can learn and share at the same time. Having those pauses to share and learn by doing is really helpful for me.



I love the freedom to move at your own pace as a group so we can truly understand what's going on before moving forward compared to a live class where it's just go go go!



What I like the most is learning live with a group of people. It's really great to hear from different perspectives and personalities.



Co.Lab does a very good job of taking the best of in-person classes and applying that to an online format through conversations with people in a moment in time while learning is happening.



I like that I get to stay engaged. It's fun taking courses with someone else and knowing that you are accountable to others. It felt like a game but it was a learning environment.



It feels more personal in a small group compared to a large zoom class where everyone has their camera's off and is disengaged.



You have other people who are also going through the class and you can bounce ideas off each other & ask questions without the pressure of the instructor present which makes it a comfortable space.



I have the chance to collaborate and ask questions to my peers which helps me assimilate what I'm learning better. There is no feeling that you're being left behind or lost in class.



It's a hybrid solution to self-paced online learning because you also have others with you which helps with the motivation to take the courses at the scheduled time.



I'm not just learning by myself but also learning with others and getting their perspective and what they've gathered from the class. Because it's a smaller setting, I learn better that way.



and many more!

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