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Introducing the Diverse Tech Talent Program: A Milestone in Advancing Diversity in Tech
In an ambitious effort to bridge the diversity gap within Canada's tech industry, the World Innovation League (WIL), in partnership with us at Co.Lab, Atila, Riipen, and Skillhat, was proud to announce the launch of the Diverse Tech Talent Program (DTTP).

This groundbreaking initiative set to transform the technology landscape by equipping Black Canadians and newcomers aged 18-35 with the skills, mentorship, and opportunities needed to thrive in high-demand tech roles.

The first iteration of the program launched in September 2023 and is running through May 2024. This program was built under the Talent & Capacity Building stream, funded by Digital.
Addressing the Underrepresentation
‍Despite Black Canadians making up 4.3% of the nation’s population, their representation in the tech sector lags at just 2.6%. The D is poised to challenge this disparity head-on by focusing on comprehensive technology skills training, mentorship, and targeted job placement aimed at increasing the presence of Black Canadians and new immigrants in the tech industry by 50% over the next five years.
Empowering Through Education
The Diverse Tech Talent Program (DTTP) offers an expansive curriculum designed specifically to prepare participants for successful careers in Product Management, User Experience Design, and Software Engineering.

This targeted approach ensures that over 420 Black Canadian youths will not only gain coding proficiency but also develop a comprehensive skill set that includes designing user-friendly digital interfaces and understanding the intricacies of leading tech projects. The DTTP is dedicated to equipping participants with the necessary tools to excel in these high-demand areas, setting them on a path to meaningful and impactful careers in the tech industry.
Helen Huang (in red), Co.Lab's Co-Founder, together with some DTTP learners in Toronto.
Meet Our Partners
DTTP's success is made possible through the collective efforts of our education and mentorship partners:

World Innovation League (WIL) - League: WIL is the lead of the DTTP program. WIL has global experience running hackathons and incubation programs in tech and startup industries, and will be leading the hackathon component of the program.

Co.Lab: Co.Lab's role as a delivery partner within this first iteration of the Diverse Tech Talent Program was focused on operational and communication strategy to all participants, as well as curriculum development and execution. Our team ensured that the overall program across all cohorts delivers a comprehensive and unified educational experience across product, program and project management training, as well as accountability sprints and personal branding assistance.

Atila: Atila will focus on providing mentorship to program participants. They specialize in employment readiness training, mentor matching, resume, and portfolio development.

Riipen: Riipen is pivotal in helping participants complete digital tech placements with Canadian employers via their work-based learning platform.With a network of 31000+ employers and trusted by 590 academic institutions and training providers, Riipen helps educators and training providers integrate real-employer projects into program curriculum leading to improved student engagement and employability outcomes.

Skillhat: Skillhat is an established training company that has been instrumental in the two components of Software Development, UI/UX Design (Product Design) training, and skills mentorship.
Beyond Training – Building a Community
As we look ahead, the journey of the Diverse Tech Talent Program (DTTP) is not just about the numbers or the skills or the projects learners have built — it's about opening doors to new possibilities and creating a community where every participant feels valued, supported, and empowered.

With the unwavering support of all our other esteemed partners and supportera, we're not just training the next generation of tech professionals; we're redefining what it means to be a part of the tech industry in Canada. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

Together, let's make the tech landscape more inclusive, dynamic, and reflective of the diverse society we live in.

Here's to breaking barriers and building futures, one success story at a time!

Interested in chatting more?
Please reach out to Helen Huang, Co-founder at Co.Lab, at
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