Build Bootcamp: Ship your product in 8 weeks

Get matched with a team of engineers and designers, paired with 1:1 mentorship, and build out your ideal into a working MVP for real users.

Over 180+ products built by over 1300+ professionals across 60+ countries.

Build Bootcamp program is for...

Early-stage founders and entrepreneurs who want to build out their idea from scratch

Aspiring tech entrepreneurs that don't have experience with software or building tech products

Someone looking for a "done-with-you" learning model rather than a "done-for-you" agency model

Program Duration

8 weeks, part-time


Team-based & Cohort-based

Live Sessions

Mon & Tue, 6:30PM - 7:30PM EST


10-15 hours per week

Course Format

100% Online & Remote

Mentorship Style

Weekly 1 on 1 sessions

The hard way to build your product

Ok, I can do this.
Just try hard.

How can I build product with no experience?

This is impossible.

Come up with an idea
Find a team and hire them $$$
Learn how to manage project
Build product in isolation
Look for mentors to get feedback
Deliver in a few months

Come up with an idea

Find a team and hire them $$$

Learn how to manage project

Ok, I can do this. Just try hard.

Build product in isolation

Look for mentors to get feedback

How can I build product with no experience?

Deliver in a few months

This is impossible.

The easy way to build your product

Sweet, everything I need is included!

I feel ready to get out there and work.

Apply to the Build Bootcamp & get matched with a team
Start building and get feedback from other founders and mentors
Ship a working MVP in 8 weeks and show it off

Apply to the Product Bootcamp & Get matched with a team

Sweet, everything I need is included!

Start building and get feedback from other students and mentors

Ship an MVP in 8 weeks and showcase on your portfolio

I feel ready to get out there and work.

How the Build Bootcamp works

Lead your own product team

Get matched with talented engineers and a designer and collaborate with them to kickstart your project.

Structured curriculum on how to build a good product

Execute a product roadmap and complete the Software Product Development Life Cycle. Work in sprints, build a backlog and follow industry practices.

Receive 1-on-1 mentorship from product leaders

Ask your mentor detailed questions on feature prioritization and GTM, and receive dedicated feedback on how to grow your product knowledge.

Your Build Bootcamp mentors

Get dedicated support from world-class product leaders and possible angel investors

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Kevin Behan
Sr. Product Manager
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Sr. Product Manager
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How to get started

Book a call below


Interview with the Co.Lab team


Get an acceptance offer to join


Match with your team & mentor


Start building!

Flexible Payment Plans

8 Week Build Bootcamp

$5,135 CAD

or $540 CAD in 12 monthly installments
Live online sessions Mon & Tue 6:30 EST
Flexible schedule*
Cohort-based learning with peers
1:1 Mentorship
Product classes and fundamentals
Working MVP that you'll leave with

Schedule a Call

Speak to our Product Advisors on whether the program is right for you.
*The Build Bootcamp is a collaborative program.
Once you are assigned to a team, you will pick meeting times that work for everyone.

Co.Lab Build Bootcamp FAQ

Who is the Co.Lab Build Bootcamp for?

The Co.Lab Build Bootcamp is for early-stage founders or aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners who want to build software products but might not know how or have the right team set up.

You might have an existing hypothesis and idea, but haven't taken it anywhere. Or maybe you've built a no-code tool to test out simple iterations of your product, and now it’s time to take it to the next level and scale to more users. 

How does this actually work?

At Co.Lab, we believe that the best way to empower early-stage founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners is to help them learn, provide accountability, and create a supportive environment for success. We’re not an agency, we’re a school. We don’t do it for you. We do it with you, so that you can do it on your own in the future.

Over the course of 8 weeks, you will receive training and resources to guide you through the product development lifecycle to enable you to deliver an actual product to your users.

The bootcamp is a mix of live, pre-scheduled sessions, as well as online content you can work on on your own or together with your team.

There will be weekly submissions that will require you to collaborate with your designer and developers. Your progress will be monitored by a Product Mentor who shall sync with you regularly on a 1:1 basis. If your team is fully on track, you will complete the program with an online product pack and a working MVP.

How much time does it take to build out my MVP?

The bootcamp requires 10-15 hours of async and collaborative work weekly. This number can change depending on the complexity of the product you'll be building with your team.

95% of projects we build ship on time and within scope. We design our processes to ensure we are all aligned on the project requirements so that we are able to do everything in our capacity to deliver a project you'd be proud to put in front of your customers.

Can you tell me more about matching with developers and designers?

One of the hardest parts of building out a software product is getting the right team together. Luckily at Co.Lab, that's something we solve for you! 

After enrollment, you'll be asked to complete a team match survey detailing your MVP ideal, anticipated tech needs, current skill level, time availabilities, personality, fields of interests, and commitment among others.

You will generally end up in a fully remote team of 1 mentor, 1 product manager, 1 product designer, and 2-4 software developers. All of your team members are vetted junior technologists, keen to learn and be part of the journey with you in building out your MVP.