FindHerWay is a trip-planning app that helps adventurous women plan their trips with verified information and resources from other travelers. FindHerWay will be a centralized hub of information coming from the experiences of other women. The app will require user verification to use, and recommendations shared must be first-hand, lived experiences. Women will be able to find verified resources from like-minded female travelers and use the app’s variety of tools to plan according to their unique preferences. Users can interact with one another's activities, creating community and connections while planning their adventures. With FindHerWay, my goal is to empower women with shared knowledge and a sense of community to plan their travels with safety and confidence.


Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

Female solo travelers need a way to plan trips with verified resources from inspiring, like-minded women sharing their adventures so information can be available in a quick and centralized manner.

Problem Background  

Once upon a time, an aspiring traveler would go into a bookstore to purchase a guide titled with their desired destination. In today’s world, that information is readily available everywhere, and you can find firsthand experiences on various platforms through blogs, vlogs, forums, and social media. While solo traveling, I found myself using search engines to find sightseeing or transport options and then separately researching for anecdotal support for those resources, through reviews or third-party sites. I saw a need for a consolidated hub of verified information.

The experience of traveling as a woman, either alone, with a friend, or in a group, is unique and requires special considerations while planning. In today's world, women make up 64% of leisure travelers compared to 36% of men. Although it is clear women make up a large majority of the travel market, this number is still minuscule compared to those who are researching without taking action. Online searches for the term ‘solo travel’ increased by 236% from April 2020 to April 2023, and the term “female solo traveled” was googled 11x more in 2024 compared to a decade ago.

With so much interest, what's holding some women back? A 2020 study found that safety concerns, particularly among women, were a major deterrent to solo travel, with 46% of women citing safety as their top worry compared to 20% of men. Additionally, 31% of women expressed concern about spending time alone, while men were primarily worried about the increased cost of solo trips compared to traveling with others. With FindHerWay, my goal is to empower women with shared knowledge and a sense of community to plan their travels with safety and confidence. 

Research Insights

To validate the problem space and support existing research, I collected market research, conducted 3 user interviews, and collected 28 survey responses to better understand how female travelers find information and resources used to make travel plans, how they verify those sources as legitimate, and where they store this information. The goal was to learn about their general process and preferences, including the time used and pain points associated with travel planning.

Here are my key insights: 

User pain points

  • Women's biggest concerns while traveling are safety and loneliness,
  • Difficulty finding verified resources, always looking for first-hand information 
  • Too many options, hard to prioritize what's worth their time 
  • Difficulty incorporating so many sources of information back into one place to refer back to

Supporting data

  • Women make up 64% of leisure travel market compared to 36% of men
  • 80% of women make the purchasing decisions
  • 96% of women surveyed said they check multiple sources for the same piece of information
  • 100% of women use multiple tool to plan

Landing on the Solution 

  • FindHerWay will have centralized information coming from the lived experiences of other women. 
  • The app will require user verification to use, and resources & recommendations shared must be first-hand, lived experiences. 
  • The app will allow users to share links to external resources and booking sites they have had positive experiences on, making them readily available to be viewed and saved by the next woman going on the same adventure.
  • Trip planning is a unique experience depending on individuals, so they will be able to use adaptable trip planning tools to plan loose plans or strict plans depending on their preferences.
  • Users can view, chat, comment, and interact with other users on the app, creating a sense of community while planning their trips. 

Future Steps

As I move forward with finding a solution, I can tie it back to my mission statement: Empowering women to travel with confidence. This mission statement acts as a guideline to determine whether my goals are being achieved for the users of my product. 


Product Manager Learnings:

Umnia Aziz

Focus on the problem, not the solution. To find the best solution you need to fully understand the problem space, the needs of your users, and how your product will address those needs. 

Done is better than perfect. As a recovering perfectionist, the idea of continuous improvement and adjustment is exciting and refreshing! A product will never be perfect, but you can get done what you need, and can always revisit and continuously improve.  

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