Co.lab product Design track

Hands-on design experience, from discovery to execution

Choose the right design processes in your toolkit to solve a real problem on a team, in 8 weeks

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May 26, 2021


May 29, 2021


July 10, 2021

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From wireframing to shipping

Stand out from the crowd by showcasing your ability to design for real users and iterating based on feedback to solve their problems

Real User Research

Lead the efforts to understand customer pain points, create personas and gather insights to back up your design choices.

Test and Iterate

Explore multiple solutions, create wireframes, perform user testing on real customers and prioritize features based on feedback.

Design Handoffs

Improve your designs, create clickable prototypes and hand them off to your Developer to watch your product come to life.

Feel Safe to Try

Co.Lab provides a safe and inclusive space for all the questions you didn’t think you could ask. We’re all here to help one another succeed.

Professional References

Form friendships and working relationships with cross-discipline coworkers. Leverage your networks and create a name for yourself!

Ongoing community

Be part of a close-knit community, committed to supporting and celebrating one another. And once a Co.Laborator, always a Co.Laborator.

Learn from industry leaders

Get access to 16+ classes you can take with your peers,
while learning from instructors and industry experts


UX Director


Product Design Director


Lead Product Designer

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Product Designer


Sr. Product Designer


Sr. Product Designer

Our 8-week program

Simulating the real work environment, to give you the practical experience you need to succeed in the role

PRE-WORK: team & Mentor match survey

Brush up on your existing bootcamp or self-taught design skills, and complete a survey used for your team match.

WEEK 1: Kick-off & meet your team

Jump in to ideation, user research, and learning about one another with your PM and developers. Decide upon a problem space and user journey.


Align on goals, discuss the technical feasibility of your designs with your devs, and make necessary trade offs.


Create high fidelity mock-ups, user test with customers to get feedback, iterate and hand changes to your dev.

END of Week 7: show off your mvp

Showcase your MVP, creating marketing assets and getting your Co.Lab Portfolio Pack ready.

WEEK 8: wrap up and celebrate

Wrap up your project and make time to celebrate your hard work!

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Product Design Program

May 29 - July 17


  • Full team match
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Live classes & workshops
  • Industry mentors
  • Full access to community
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June 26 - August 14
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