Real-World Product Management Specialization

Find out more about this specific product management bootcamp program and whether it's the right fit for your PM knowledge journey.

Program summary

Online, Self-paced, Independent Learning
Program Style
Target Student
Incoming APMs or aspiring PMs
Certificate Type
Certificate of Completion
Learning Materials
Video lectures, quizzes, course materials, extra resources
Program Length
4 months
Weekly Commitment
Starting Cadence
Program Cost
$40 per week Coursera subscription
Payment Plans
Yes, within 7 days

Why should you consider this PM bootcamp?

This course is different because this specialization is ACE-approved. Completion of which, can lead you to earning up to 6 college credits. The lead instructor is Nancy Wang, General Manager of Amazon Web Services (AWS). So if you’re looking for a widely celebrated instructor from FAANG companies, then this course is for you. It also has an applied learning project component where you get to apply your learnings by mapping your customer journeys, drafting PRDs, designing A/B tests, calculating NPS, CSAT, and CES - among others.

Who is this PM Bootcamp best for?

This course is best for aspiring Product Managers who would like to learn the coursework on a part-time basis. The program lasts for 4 months on a 4 hours per week pace so this is also good for students with limited time but would still like to learn in a comprehensive course.

What have previous students said?

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