Product Management 101 by Todd Birzer

Find out more about this specific product management bootcamp program and whether it's the right fit for your PM knowledge journey.

Program summary

Online, Self-paced, Independent learning
Program Style
Target Student
Incoming APMs or aspiring APMs
Certificate Type
Certificate of Completion
Learning Materials
+6 hours of video lectures, quizzes, course materials, extra resources
Program Length
1 day
Weekly Commitment
Starting Cadence
Program Cost
Payment Plans
Yes, within 30 days

Why should you consider this PM bootcamp?

True to its name, this courses provides you with an ample foundation to start your Product Management journey. There’s a lot of emphasis on market analysis & analytics, product pricing, development cycle, and sales.

There isn’t much discussion on asserting your voice as PM, cross-functional collaboration, and other similar ostensible industry realities — but that’s to be expected given the scope of the course as well as the limitation of MOOCs.

Overall, it’s still a great pick if you’re looking to explore core product management skills, discussions, and concepts.

Who is this PM Bootcamp best for?

The course is targeted towards incoming or aspiring PMs and PMs with less than 5 years of experience. It's a great option if you're just starting out in product management and want to gain a solid foundation in the field.

What have previous students said?

How does this differ from Co.Lab's online Product Management courses?

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