A Product Manager's First 90 Days by Ant Murphy

Find out more about this specific product management bootcamp program and whether it's the right fit for your PM knowledge journey.

Program summary

Online, Self-paced, Independent learning
Program Style
Target Student
Incoming APMs or aspiring APMs
Certificate Type
Certificate of Completion
Learning Materials
+4.5 hours of video, templates, and other downloadable resources
Program Length
1 day
Weekly Commitment
Starting Cadence
Program Cost
Payment Plans

Why should you consider this PM bootcamp?

Mainly focused on setting up neophyte Product Managers for success, Product Pathways does a good job of utilizing modular learning techniques to break down the topic into digestible pieces. There’s a lot of information out there and advice overload is real. This course will help you understand your win conditions as a new Product Manager and avoid common pitfalls that plague the industry.

The course touches upon how to divide your first 90 days in a way that maximizes your chance of establishing yourself as a sound and impactful voice inside your organization. From discovery and early wins, to establishing trust and going beyond your first 90 days, Product Pathways offers a good starting point to start your PM career.

Who is this PM Bootcamp best for?

This course is best for Product Managers who are looking for practical tips on structuring their first 90 days as a PM. It can also be taken by Sr. PMs and Heads of Product to help them strategize the onboarding experience of new Product Managers in their organizations.

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