Making Twitter Friends: Social Power Up

Stop building an audience. Grow your Twitter by building genuine & meaningful relationships.

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Feb 2022

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In this masterclass, you'll learn


Get conversations started and going

We’ll optimize your profile together, and figure out how to put your best foot forward. Do you send a DM first? Do you tag them in a tweet? Conversations are at the root of everything, and I’ll share with you my tips.


Find your unique tribe online

Locating like-minded people so that you feel safe and comfortable to express yourself is hard, especially when Twitter feels like a real-life Jurassic Park. Pick up a few tactical ways to spot your tribe and start becoming part of it.


Make friends along the way

As you figure out how to kickstart new and exciting relationships on Twitter, I’ll show you how to navigate genuine social interactions online with actionable examples. You’ll have the content and classmates so that you can all level up your presence and give one another feedback along the way.

Who should take this masterclass?

If you have been told that people make a living, grow a business, or build a supportive circle of friends all on Twitter, you should believe them because it is true.

But most people starting out misunderstand Twitter thinking it is where you pretend to be an expert or grow a large following to sell to them. And they’re very likely to have zero success.

This course is for you if you’re like me who believes that building relationships and being part of a community are the fundamentals of everything else. We are here to share, help and cheer for one another.

Plus, you’ll make friends while learning how to make friends. So meta!

Kevon Cheung
Founder of Public Lab

About us

Kevon is all about helping entrepreneurs get out there, be themselves and build a voice. He believes that most people are chasing the wrong thing (follower number) and what’s more important is conversations and connections with real people. 1,000+ entrepreneurs have taken Kevon’s courses to pick up the Build in Public & Making Friends mindset so far.

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Why learning with Co.Lab is better

Learn together in small groups

Watch course content live with other students, progress as a cohort, and learn from one another!

Stay engaged & learn by doing

Actively learn by live discussions. Apply what you learn through activities, and get instant feedback from peers.

Build connections and friendships

Learn in a safe environment, be accountable to one another and get rewarded as you participate and engage with others.

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