Intro to Inclusive Design Thinking

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February 2022

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In this masterclass, you'll learn


User Experience vs. Inclusive Design

What is the difference between User Experience Design and Inclusive Design? Is there a difference? In this course, we’ll explore the relationship between User Experience Design and Inclusive Design.


Why Inclusive Design?

Is User Experience alone not enough? Why is there Inclusive Design to begin with? Why is it important? In this seminar, we’ll explore how Inclusive Design can lead to not only more accessible, ethical, and equitable products, but also more innovative ones.


Intro to Inclusive Design Thinking

When practicing Inclusive Design, how does one approach the design process? What core ideas and principles make up Inclusive Design? In this seminar, we’ll explore foundational concepts that are central in Inclusive Design that help us navigate an Inclusive Design Process.

Who should take this masterclass?

UX Students

This course is perfect for anyone currently learning UX Design! Whether you are just starting a UX program or your self-taught journey, this course perfectly complements any current UX student’s journey.

Entry-Level UX Designers

Are you looking for your first gig, recently started your first UX role, or are you currently working as an entry-level UX Designer? Then this course is perfect for you because it will help you bring Inclusive Design value to one of your first few roles!

Miguel Molina
Product Design Principal, Inclusive Design @ NPR

About us

Miguel is an Experience Design Strategist, educator, and entrepreneur from New York. He is currently a Principal Product Designer at NPR. He specializes in Inclusive Design, Design Strategy, and Design Process and is passionate about Digital Equity, Gov. Tech, and Civic Design. He is a UX educator having taught at General Assembly, currently teaching at CareerFoundry, and the founder of Inclusion Design Lab, an educational community for UX beginners focusing on teaching Inclusive Design methods and principles. He's also the founder of Rita Creative, an agency turned startup supporting creative initiatives led by women and people of color at scale.

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